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The popularity of creepy and horror movies has made zombie costumes a favorite at Halloween parties. This article enlists zombie costume ideas.

Zombie Halloween Costumes

You must have been walking among and along with the dead on every Halloween. The festival that celebrates and honor the dead and the spirits, is known for infusing life in the ghosts and bring them back on this spooky and ghoulish night. This essence of horror and fright is clearly visible from every festivity that is organized on this day. Foods, parties, games, costumes, music, and even decorations - each element oozes out eeriness and creepiness. As such, your costume would have always been terrifying yet amusing. But if you wish to keep away from the typical Halloween dresses and give something different a try, a deadly zombie costume can be your pick this season. Why not walk among the living, instead of the dead, fully clad in a zombie costume displaying fear and spookiness. Glance through the following lines to get ideas on planning a zombie costume for the Halloween bash.

Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men
  • A skeleton zombie costume will let you display the essentials of any zombie. Known for feeding on flesh, go on a hunt for your lavish meal with this attire. A green long sleeve top with a latex rubber chest piece portraying a decaying ribcage, tattered fabric around the edges, sleeves, and shirt base provides good scare. Team up the shirt with matching green trousers with realistic-looking protruding knee and leg bones, rubber face mask, and black cotton gloves with hand painted bones on the back.
  • Recall the era of the 1975s when girls vowed to kill men, had they ever dreamt of forgetting them. But now that the mistake has been committed, walk down the aisle as a prom king zombie to remember the fond memories. Pick up a baby blue tail jacket with an attached ruffled shirt, and black contrast lapels. Pair it with coordinating pants, blood vial, makeup, and bowtie to complete the deadly look.
  • Hungry? Try targeting brains this Halloween instead of the typical food you gorge on round the year. A monk zombie costume is sure to be a big hit at the ghoulish gala. A tattered monk’s robe, shoulder stole with cross details, and a hood with attached collar will portray you as a hungry zombie.
  • Want to exhibit an even more gruesome and dreadful zombie look? The decomposed walking dead zombie costume will have people running for their lives, lest you capture them to feed on fresh blood. A tattered dark colored shirt with an attached molded decaying chest piece and a grisly mask is what you’ll need for the ghastly look. Put on black trousers, with the left part pulled up till the knee.
For Women
  • A prom queen is a real beauty, but a zombie prom queen isn’t. A full-length ball gown with elaborate tattered detailing on the skirt is what you should be looking out for. Pair the attire with matching glovelets, sash, and coveted tiara to complete the ensemble.
  • A bride-to-be is an epitome of new love, new relationship, and new future. But a corpse bride is a tale of lost love, broken hearts, and the dead. The full-length flowing white gown with tattered ends in grey and black exhibit an ideal outfit for a dead bride. To deem the costume complete, add on a veil, wig, and bouquet for real effect.
  • A corporate suit will never be as stylish and sophisticated after you don zombie business attire. Let the living dead take on the business proceedings among the walking undead. Pick up a knee-length skirt and a jacket with attached gauze, in colors of grey to bring out the zombie effect. Put on a white or grey wig, tattered gloves and stockings, and scary makeup for added effects.
  • Turn into the hottest and most talked-about ghoulish housewife at the Halloween party with a zombie housewife costume. A knee-length zombie black dress, embellished with white polka dots, tattered hem, distressed skirt portion, and white belt around upper waist makes an ideal outfit for the theme. Coordinate it with a black-grey-white wig and makeup touch-ups.
For Kids
  • Dress up your kid in a traditional scary costume this Halloween, but with a modern twist. A leather-look jacket with zombie chest piece and patches on the sleeve, collar, and cuffs, and a vinyl hat with spike mohawk, coupled with trendy dark-colored pants will get your kid raise from the dead and wreak havoc. The tri-colored palate makeup and studded wrist band will complete the look.
  • Kids who wish to mix macabre and whimsy together, picking up a zombie doctor costume is highly recommended. The blood spattered lab coat, shirt with PVC rotting chest, matching zombie mask, surgical cap, latex gloves, mask, and rotting knee make a gruesome getup, enough to fright the guests at the party.
  • Bust out rhymes and lay down the beat in a true rap star style with a Rapstar zombie costume. The oversized tattered zombie shirt which reads “Rap is Undead”, paired with a half mask with attached hair, baggy pants, and a microphone will deem the outfit a winning and endearing one.
  • Haunt the neighborhood in a zombie sleep-walking nightmare costume! This fright night classic outfit will be loved by the kids for a fun twist to it. A pink pajama jumpsuit, with attached matching pink booties, and headless pink teddy bear is sufficient to give a good scare.