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Nurse costumes are always a hit around the Halloween time! Go through this article on nurse Halloween costumes if you're thinking about turning into one the coming Halloween.

Nurse Halloween Costumes

It's quite understandable that people who dress up in the neatest way possible for the rest of the year, bring out a totally different side on the night of the Halloween, a side that is always itching to get out but doesn't get the opportunity. Enters Halloween and the whole scenario changes; with the feverish liking towards dressing up as a certain character on an all time high. And among a bunch of characters, a nurse is one which always ends up on the winning side with a considerable number of women going for the same. For some women it is to dress up as a caretaker, while for others it is to flaunt their sensuous side in an aesthetic way. Along with a number of different nurse costumes, various accessories are also made available to give the women a lifelike nurse makeover. If you too are enchanted by the nurse look then continue to read the section below that provides a few different ideas about dressing up as a nurse on Halloween.

Nurse Halloween Costume Ideas

Vintage Nurse Costume

Serve the patients the good old school way with this nurse costume that includes the white button-front dress designed to hit just above the knee, attached white belt and the classic nurse's cap. Purchase a stethoscope (not included in the costume kit) and have it on for a complete nurse makeover.

Zombie Nurse Costume
The patients will automatically be cured of every single disease they have and will be sent running off the hills with this scary zombie nurse costume that includes deluxe jacket with attached belt design, scuffed up stockings for tortured zombie effect, red nurse costume hat, character mask, and make up kit. Hold a plastic syringe filled with blood colored red liquid for a few extra scares!

Sexy Nurse Costume
With this costume, people will be intentionally hurting themselves so that they can be treated by a sexy nurse like you. It includes nurse costume hat, knee length nurse costume dress, apron, and the stethoscope. For an authentic nurse look, wear fishnet stockings and red nurse shoes, and hold a clipboard (to be bought separately). Drive your patients to madness!

Naughty Nurse Costume
This naughty nurse costume will not only make the hospital you work for repeat customers but will even convert doctors into patients. The costume includes a thigh high white dress with double zippers and a headpiece, both having the red plus sign in front. Clipboard, pen, and nurse shoes in white are not included in the costume but for authenticity, are an absolute requirement.

Malpractice Evil Nurse Costume
With the malpractice evil nurse around, people will think twice and may be a few times over before playing a spoilsport. The costume is easy to wear and lightweight and includes includes a shirt with attached apron, elastic waist shorts, long gloves; all made of vinyl like material. Wear near knee high leather shoes and hold a giant killer syringe (not included) for some evil fun.

1950s Nurse Costume
Heal the down and trodden in just one look with this 1950s nurse costume that includes polka dotted black dress that accents across the torso, sleeves, and skirt. Bare back laces in pink and a zipper on the side has been provided for an easy wear. A matching hat is also provided. For complete transformation, have a stethoscope hanging around your neck.

Darque Nurse Costume
Break the barriers of being a white nurse and go black with this sensuous Darque nurse costume that includes a black uniform with a red front zipper and side ribbon lacing, headpiece, and cuffs, In front of patients, your presence will have the same effect as that of a powerful anaesthetic. Black shoes are to be purchased separately.

ER Nurse Costume
If you're looking for a nurse costume that is a little revealing but is sexily elegant in its own way then this ER (TV show) style costume is here. It includes a pink scrubs shirt, matching pants, name badge, the mask, and stethoscope. Clipboard, pen, and shoes are not included in the kit and have to be purchased separately. White rubber shoes would go best with the costume.