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Spooky Halloween games can infuse the right amount of scary fun to your Halloween party. Find different scary Halloween party games, herein.

Scary Halloween Games

Halloween is an equally fun and spooky holiday for both young and old. While the customary practice of trick-or-treating and putting on scary costumes is still practiced, games have been included as a part of the Halloween traditions to make the festival fun and entertaining. Every youngster and adult looks for a different form of entertainment to enjoy his Halloween to the maximum. While simple and easy-to-play games are meant for the little ones, elders are often left out from the fun element and confined to just gorging on foods and reading out stories. For that best Halloween party ever that every guest looks forward to, scary and spooky party games are just what you've been actually looking around for. Not just do they turn the heat under the party guests, but they keep everyone away from troublesome boredom. For your next Halloween party, plan up a large collection of chilling and thrilling games for that spooky and ghoulish feel. We present you a few of the many scary Halloween party games in the following lines. Make your best pick!

Spooky Halloween Party Games

Halloween Portraits

Divide all the guests present into teams of four players. Hand over a brown bag of random props to each team. You can use a banana, a spatula, a doll, a pencil, a pair of goggles, and such random things as the props in the bag. Ask each team to use all the props and get together in a pose depicting a murder or scary scene in progress. The team has to freeze in their position while the host clicks a photograph of their scene. The picture will then be produced in print in order to judge the winning team. After all the teams have had their chance, ask each team to explain the scenario of the scene. Based on the picture and the situation, judge the winners and distribute prizes. At the end of the party, the pictures can be given as souvenirs.

Halloween Graveyard Hunt
If you are lucky to have a large backyard, this game will be a hell lot of fun. Decorate your entire backyard such that it resembles a scary and chilling graveyard. As an alternate, you can place lots of spooky things. To top it all, scatter plenty of cutout black felt bats, plastic spiders, fake web, jack-o'-lanterns, fake tombstones, and play creepy music in the background. Hand over a list of various weird things hidden across places around the graveyard. Let the guests go on a graveyard hunt to find the items, with surprises of prizes and treats hidden here and there. Do not forget to traumatize adults by one or two disguised adults hiding in some spooky unexpected corner.

Killer Hide and Seek
Hide and seek has been a popular game among kids and youngsters alike, since childhood. Transform it into a scary Halloween party game with the right ingredients added in. Leaving aside one person as a "killer", ask others to hide in places. Switch off all the lights while the killer puts on a scary mask. At the end of the counting, the killer moves out to search for victims using a flashlight. Any victim caught by the killer is deemed "dead" and goes to the room chosen as the "morgue", where he lies with other victims. The last person to be caught is declared the winner. To get the real spooky and horror feel of the game, play scary music or sound effects in the background.

Guess the Body Parts
Before beginning the game, create a story about a corpse whose bodies parts are kept in different bowls. Load different bowls with peeled grapes for eyeballs, cooked spaghetti for intestines, unpopped popcorn kernels for teeth, peeled tomato for heart, cooked cauliflower for brain, dried apricots for ears, and baby carrots for fingers. Blindfold the guests and make them walk through the row of bowls that constitute of the different body parts. Ask them to say which part stands for each of the item they pick. The person with the most right answers will be the winner.