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Filled with fun, hilarity, and tricks, the festival of Halloween is celebrated every year. This article illustrates the date of Halloween in 2015.

When Is Halloween

Halloween is a festive occasion that is celebrated in the United States and Canada every year. But the mass transatlantic immigration of people to North America in the recent times has contributed to the popularity of this festival in other parts of the world as well. The traditions and customs of Halloween have extended to South America and far-off places like Australia and New Zealand, not to forget Europe, Japan, and other parts of East Asia. Shortened from All-hallow-even to Halloween, the festival is celebrated to honor the dead and indulge in trick-o-treating and merrymaking. This ghostly and ghastly festival is symbolized by several popular rituals, practiced year after year. Spooks, ghosts, and walking skeletons are the most prominent symbols that deem to connect the spiritual with physical world and the living with the dead. In the following lines, check out when is Halloween celebrated and its date in the year 2015.

Halloween Date 2015
Halloween is a traditional celebration, which falls on October 31 every year. In 2015, it will occur on Saturday. Originally an ancient Celtic festival in Great Britain and Ireland, Halloween has now become a perfect excuse to have a theme party associated with ghosts, witches, Dracula, and werewolves, and entertainment revealed through horror films, haunted houses, and other such related activities. The traditional customs have only managed to survive in Irish, Scottish, and Welsh communities. The immigration of these communities to America has led to the festival's popularity, which, in turn, has made tremendous contribution in spreading Halloween to other parts of the English-speaking world. Even though Halloween is the second largest festival in the United States, after Christmas, it is not an official holiday.

Celebrations take place amongst family members, friends, and even co-workers, at times. While the festivities take an extravagant and lively appearance if Halloween falls on a weekend, they are transferred to the weekend before and after the festival, if it falls on any of the working days. Watching horror films, organizing costume parties, and creating haunted houses and graveyards are the most common and popular events of the day. It is typical to find young kids dressed up in fancy costumes and visiting homes in the neighborhood. On refusal of sweets, snacks, or small gifts from the households, they indulge in friendly and acceptable trick-o-treats. Carving lanterns out of pumpkins in weird and scary shapes is another special Halloween tradition. Initially practiced to ward off evil spirits, these pumpkins are used to decorate the homes and gardens on this occasion. A perfect blend of frightening ghost stories, pranks, elaborate costumes, and bizarre games, Halloween is all about withstanding horror and terror.