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Ancient legends associate Halloween with magic spells. Check out some great examples of Halloween spells with this write-up.

Halloween Spells

A festival filled with mystery, magic, and superstition, Halloween is one of the oldest holidays of the world. What started as a Celtic end-of-summer festival has now been transformed into one of the widely celebrated fiestas. Preparations begin months in advance. Arrival of October 31st marks the indulgence in festivities, foods, feast, party and excitement. A day that is celebrated to welcome the ghosts and souls of the dead, Halloween has long been associated with different superstitions and spells. The fact that the living and the dead can best interact with one another on the night of Halloween, magical and mysterious spells are highly valuable to find true love or cement the true love you already have. Even though they are just superstitions, people often use them to clear their doubts and complete their quest for true love and/or spouse. Listed here are some spooky magic spells for Halloween.

Magic Spells for Halloween

Apple Love Spell

This simple divination spell proves really helpful if you desire to find out your potential partner in life. Simply take an apple and start peeling off its skin in one long piece, speaking out:

I pare this apple round and again
My sweetheart's name to flourish plain
I fling the pairing o'er my head
My sweetheart's letter on the ground be read

After you have completed peeling the skin, the peel must have landed on the ground in the shape of the initial letter of your true love.

Water Love Spell
This spell works great with girls who wish to see the reflection of their future husband. What one needs to do is take a lamp and walk down to a spring of water on the night of Halloween. While peering in the water, the girl is likely to find the mirror image of her would-be spouse in the water.

Hazelnut Love Spell
To check whether your love will last or not and how strong will your relationship be, this hazelnut love spell could be a fruitful spell. Enjoy your Halloween with full-on enjoyment and thrill, and as soon as dusk arrives on the day, get ready to test your love. Light an open fire and sit before it with your lover. Place one hazelnut for each one in front of the flames. If both the nuts glow and smolder, it is an indication of a great rapport and bond you both share with each other. In fact, the nuts indicate that your harmonious lover will last forever. However, if any of the two (or both) hazelnuts burst or crackle greatly, it shows that there is a strong possibility of quarrels and lack of sympathy in the relationship.

Mirror Spell
To see your future husband, this spell is yet another great opportunity. Spot a room in your home where you are likely to be most comfortable in. Allow darkness to arrive on the eve of Halloween and slip into the room. Switch off all the lights and light only a candle to illuminate the surroundings. Place it in front of the mirror and either eat an apple or comb your hair. While doing, keep an eye on the mirror as you will find the reflection of your potential partner in the glass, standing right behind you. Avoid looking back to spot him in flesh. Doing so will make him disappear and cancel your chances of marrying him.