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Halloween books make a great addition to your library. Take a look at some of the bestselling Halloween books this year, with this write-up.

Halloween Books

As the summer gives way to the chills in the air and the leaves change color, it is an indication of the arrival of the favorite holiday of Halloween. With an eerie and bizarre atmosphere to boast of, scary classics and horror story books just have the perfect time to be read aloud on. It's on Halloween when all such spooky, ghoulish, and terrifying books are fetched out from the library and read all over again. For those who are habitual of reading a Halloween classic every year, picking up another bestseller wouldn't be problem. But for those who new to the creepy and weird holiday of Halloween, books can be great introduction. So, to infuse yourself completely in the spirit of the festive season, we present you some Halloween titles to pick up from your local bookstore and add on more to your collection. Listed in the lines below are some popular books on Halloween.

Best Books For Halloween

The Shining

A popular Halloween novel written by Stephen King, The Shining has been made into a film as well by the same name, starring Jack Nicholson, directed by Stanley Kubrick. The novel narrates the story of a caretaker, Jack Torrance, working at the Overlook Hotel, which is hooked up by a bloody and violent history. While he is charged with the responsibility of looking after the hotel during its off season, his wife Wendy and young son Danny experience blizzard situations. A classic haunted house story, the book brings forth the psychological element hidden in it.

Scripted by Mary Shelley about 200 years back, Frankenstein is a popular Halloween book. A timeless classic, this science fiction book oozes out doses of horror, inducing the reader to put up several questions on the ethics of science and technology. With subjects like genetic engineering and cloning looming centered on, this book is highly relevant for the people of today, who love thrillers, shocks, and surprises.

Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night
For youngsters and adults who desire to read something different and unique this Halloween, this book written by Nicholas Rogers is a must-have. The origin of the holiday is traced back in Ireland and Wales, up till the present day. For all folks who crave for exploring the history of the Halloween festival, this book sure needs a thorough reading. Do check out the rituals and practices associated with the Halloween culture.

The Graveyard Book
Typically a children's fantasy novel, the well-deserving and captivating script of The Graveyard Book enthralls and engrosses adults alike. The book revolves around a young boy named Nobody Owens, who is adopted by the occupants of a graveyard; post the murder of his parents. The occupants, consisting of ghosts, vampires, and werewolves, teach Nobody the strange and weird abilities of haunting and dream walking. A perfect blend of fantasy, horror, and humor, this novel has been a runaway success ever since it was first launched in the market.

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
For a different perspective of witches, this classic novel, written by Gregory Maguire, deserves a seat at the bookshelf of your home. Witches have always been a common trail with the Halloween holiday and this novel provides an insight of them, but with a twist. The book recounts the story of the Elphaba, a green-skinned girl who grows up to become the infamous Wicked Witch of the West. The book emphasizes on what it actually takes to be wicked and the comparison between good intentions with bad results and bad intentions with good results.