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Want to set your Halloween party apart? Find spooky ideas for decorating your party venue for a unique Halloween party in this write-up.

Halloween Party Decoration

The spooky and ghoulish festival of Halloween has largely been associated with spendthrift and lavish parties. Though most ancient traditions of celebrating Halloween are no longer followed, the essence of ghosts and spirits returning to earth and walking with the living is still observed with much pomp and galore. As such, people look out for haunting and horrifying ideas to set up a ghastly scene at the party. However, you do not have to always eye those extravagant and profligate decorating items to adorn your home on Halloween. With some simple inexpensive props and traditional spooky items, you can set the creepiest mood and have a gala Halloween time. Go through the lines below for some creepy tips on decorating your party hall and making it a Halloween fright.

Decorating Ideas For Halloween Party


Any Halloween party is incomplete without jack-o'-lanterns. Carve out or paint scary faces on the pumpkins to give that additional spooky effect to the party. Alternatively, you can welcome your guests with mini pumpkins reading out TRICK-OR-TREAT, with each letter carved out on a different pumpkin and illuminated with Christmas tree lights.

The jack-o'-lantern faces can be illumined by placing candles inside them. For a more gothic touch, affix some dark colored candles in creepy candlesticks around the snack or meal table. Remember to light them up just before you guide your guests towards the table for an eerie and ghostly Halloween meal. Also, ensure that the costumes do not catch fire with the open flames.

Spider Webs
You do not have to buy costly or fussy decor items to embellish your Halloween party area. Some fake spider webs can be bought from any craft store and suspended at places throughout the party room. Add some creepy, fake spiders to the webs to complete the scary and ghostly feel. As for victims of the spiders, fake bugs can be attached here and there. Spiders and spider webs can be made at home as well. The cutouts can be taped to the window before covering the entire window with a white sheet or paper. Thereafter, place a light behind the window to make the creepy silhouettes appearing from the street.

Sinister Signs
Add more drama to the haunted decor by hanging creepy and frightening sign boards at the entrance for an eerie welcome and around the home. Let your guests explore more fun with the help of these signs.

Coffins and Tombstones
These are probably one of the creepiest things to find at any celebration. You can build your own coffin using 6-8 wood pieces and positioning a dummy to complete the look. As an alternate, the coffin can be closed with fake arms protruding out from inside. For a downright gross effect, spread from fake blood. Any tombstone with the inscription R.I.P. is spine-chilling and can get your guests get the feel of being around in a graveyard. To make the tombstones haunted as per old legends, pick up the uncanny old-time gravestones from the stores that sell Halloween decorating goodies.

Sounds and Lights
What's a Halloween party without those creepy sounds and frightening lighting effects? Plenty of tapes and CDs can be found at music stores that sell a collection of sinister sounds, like lightning, screams, banging, and creaking. To surprise your guests, use these sounds outdoors or at entranceway. These sounds can be complemented with special fear-provoking lightning effects. The spooky setting of a Halloween party can best be brought forward with dim lighting. To add a special touch and enhance the effect of the terrifying lighting, place a strobe light strategically. Small colored light bulbs or black lights can be used for unsettling atmosphere.