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Surprise your family and friends with a spirited and spooky Halloween gift. Discover ideas for unique and scary Halloween gifts.

Halloween Gifts

Halloween is a ghoulish day that brings in absolute fun and enjoyment for folks of all age groups. To add a little more spice to the festive thrill, you can present your buddies and pals with an array of monstrous gifts to frighten their spirits out. However, the wide spectrum of gifts available at the gift stores can put you into a dilemma to pick up the spookiest and terrifying gift option. Nevertheless, such is the essence and pleasure of the holiday that kids and adults are delighted to receive anything that's eerie and ghoulish, ranging from candles that look like blood-stained fingernails to bloodshot eyeballs. The more gruesome and ghastly the theme, the more is the gift appreciated and liked by the recipient. So, finding anything that oozes out spookiness, creepiness, and fright can be selected to terrorize those little and old ghouls. Presenting you in the lines below is an array of monstrous and grisly gifts.

Unique Halloween Gift Ideas

Halloween Candy Basket

A gift bag or a basket full of candy apples and Halloween candy makes an ideal gift for Halloween. Depending upon the choice of the recipient, you can stuff the bag or basket with candy red apples, bags of candy corn, and plentiful Halloween mini candy bags. To honor the festival of Halloween, a ribbon in orange and black can be tied to the handles of the bag. As for the gift basket, stickers can be pasted to further beautify it. Complete the gift with a spooky Halloween greeting card.

A jack-o'-lantern is, undoubtedly, the most essential element of any Halloween celebration. As such, this attractive symbol can be used as to gift to present family and friends. For a festive touch, carve the pumpkin before gifting. However, if you wish to make the gift creative and involving, present a simple pumpkin along with the carving kit to let the recipient use his thinking hat. Jack-o'-lanterns make ideal gift options for students and friends, in particular. To keep away the mess and clutter of carving a pumpkin, you can pick up fake pumpkins available in most stores.

Popcorn and Horror Movies
For all folks and ghouls whom you wish to mingle with and have a gala time on Halloween, you can select DVDs of some old horror and scary movies, and present them as a gift. To complement the movie classics, a bag of gourmet popcorn can be gifted as well. And if you know that the recipient is a horror movie buff, a collection of film series, like "Halloween" or "Friday the 13th" can also be given a thought. Let the recipient tear open the wrapper to reveal the gift within and enjoy the movie cuddled up together with his buddies, bingeing on the popcorn bag.

Halloween Wine
With the approach of the Halloween festival, wineries get involved in creating special wines for the holiday. These liquors can be distinguished from the dark and spooky labels, created especially for the ghoulish holiday. You can even find seasonal wines from that particular region in liquor stores. So you have a spectrum of wines to pick up for your gift recipient, based on his/her choice. Most popular ones include Vampire, Twisted Oak River of Skull, Big Red Monster, and Witch's Brew.

Floral Gifts
Visit a florist anytime round the year and he is sure to offer you seasonal flowers that best suit the occasion or festival to gift to your loved ones, Halloween being no less. If you visit a flower shop around Halloween, you are sure to find yourself surrounded by the aroma and fragrance of black-eyed Susans, tiger lily, and colorful leaves. Buy an unusual 'eerie' bouquet for your family or friends this Halloween. Alternatively, you can book your Halloween bouquets online from different online flower shops. Try presenting a pot of orange or purple chrysanthemum which will continue to bloom until Thanksgiving.