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Despite being scary, Halloween can be made fun for kids and adults with engaging activities. Read on for some popular Halloween activity ideas.

Halloween Activities

Halloween is not just about tricks and treats. There's more to these traditional pranks. Halloween is also about fun and activities. With some creativity and imagination, you can juice out the maximum fun and enjoyment from your holiday festivities. Costumes, crafts, and decorations do add that touch of spice and creepiness to the celebrations, but some playful Halloween activities can bring the entire family together under one roof. Besides, these activities can help extract the much-required fun and entertainment among friends on this hair-raising holiday. To cut it short, holiday-themed activities can liven up your Halloween celebrations and take them to a different level. Glance through the following lines to find some spook-tacular and fang-tastic activities get those witches and goblins screaming around in delight!

Popular Halloween Activity Ideas

A Leafy Scarecrow

Wonder how can anyone extract fun out of making a simple scarecrow? Don't scratch your head in astonishment. Read on. Gather some old clothes, leaves, and a pumpkin, and you are all set for a fun time of sheer pleasure and delight. Stuff an old pant and shirt with leaves you find in the backyard. To keep the shirt stuffed up, pin it to the pants. Place the pants and shirt on a chair to resemble it like a headless body sitting upright. Stuff a pair of gloves with leaves and pin them to the end of the sleeves. These will form the hands of the scarecrow. Produce feet by placing a pair of old boots at the bottom of the pants. Use a carved pumpkin or a long stocking filled with leaves and covered with a Halloween mask to make the head of the scarecrow. To give it a fun yet scary look, cover the neck with some red fabric and put the head on the lap of the scarecrow. Add to the frightening effect by applying some red paint to the bottom of the pumpkin.

Halloween Weekend
The trick-or-treating can be set aside for this Halloween season. Take your children for camping to a campsite, offering Halloween activities. A cheerful campfire can be set by the beachside or recreation area if it has some fire pits in the vicinity. Help your kids roast s'mores and apples. Offer your kids a trip to the zoo. Magic show can be yet other great alternative for the traditional trick-or-treating. These weekend activities are great ways for having fun with the entire family, without missing the fun of tricks and treats.

Costume Party or Masquerade Ball
To keep away your kids from knocking on your panicky neighbors' doors, throw in a family-friendly Halloween party, meant for people of all ages. The festive spirits can still be felt with a costume party with family and friends, enriched with games and contests, like apple bobbing, pumpkin carving contests, costume contests, pin the teeth on the vampire, and so on. Have prizes for the winners, to keep the party mood ongoing. A Halloween scavenge hunt can also be organized, with surprises as treats popping out from secret places. Treat your witches and goblins with caramel apples, rice crisp treats, granola bars, pumpkin pies, and other such funky and spunky snacks.

Haunted Spot Tour
Scroll through the local newspapers to get a list of haunted houses and malls. A haunted house type atmosphere is created at several retail stores and restaurants to let the customers get a feel of the haunted house. To add to the Halloween fun, participants at these places sport scary costumes. You can contact your family and friends and plan a community outing. These places offer the customers to explore their environment and have sheer fun and pleasure. However, it is advised to check the timings of such Halloween tours and whether or not costumes are necessary to be donned.