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Get your family into the spooky spirit this Halloween with great Halloween movies. This article provides a list of best Halloween films of all times.

Halloween Movies

October 31 is approaching fast! And so is Halloween! With kids and family at home, nothing can be better than organizing a ghoulish yet fun-filled Halloween bash for friends and relatives. Well, after all the family entertainment is done, it is time to wind up and snuggle down with your family members at home and indulge in some homely gossiping. And if that doesn't really excite everyone present at home, it is best to grab bowls of popcorn and enjoy a full-fledged Halloween movie at the idiot box. While you are willing to play a horror and scary Halloween movie, your wife and kids do not approve of your choice. Since stormy nights, ghosts on the loose, eerie creatures, and terrifying circumstances is what you are hoping to sight in a Halloween movie, why not narrow down on a family Halloween movie which can be enjoyed by one and all? But if horror is your favorite genre and do not want to miss the opportunity of tuning into a classic terror drama, you can do, well after your family has dozed off. Given here are some flicks to watch on Halloween, ranging from family-friendly dramas to classic monster films.

Best Halloween Films of All Time


Horror and Halloween can't get any better than this. While preparing the list of the top movies to watch on Halloween, this flick sure deserves a clear entry. Not just that movie shares the same name with the festival, but it is also regarded as one of the scariest movies made till date, having creepiest music ever. Even though it has had several remakes, the original is the best one to watch as it keeps you gripped to your couch, with your eyes partially covered. This psychological horror film is a Halloween classic to watch on this spooky holiday, particularly for one of the most terrifying villains ever created.

The Exorcist
If the fear and horror of the ghosts and spirits hasn't got enough of you, slide in 'The Exorcist' CD and set yourself aboard this disturbing and creeping horror movie. To watch a teenager possessed and two priests entering to save her soul will leave you petrified, only to sleep with the lights on and the closet door closed. Such terrifying and horrifying is the content of the film that people are bound to get to physically ill and emotionally disturbed once the curtain falls down and the movie ends. Watch it only if you are horror movie buff!

Game for some seriously frightening shock, nausea, and terror? 'Seven' is what your mind and soul are searching for. This extreme psychological drama revolves around two detectives, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, trying to find and capture a maniac, who is set out to kill seven people, using his seven deadly sins for each one. Get the feel of the fright and numb of the pain right in your stomach!

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Sprawling over six sequels, 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' turned Freddy Krueger a household monster for his razor-blade fingers that brutally kills a group of teenagers in their dreams. Even though the movie was a low-budget horror flick of the 1980s, the villain was critically acclaimed for his role as a monstrous demon. Nancy, the remaining teen, stays awake to survive her deadly murder. A must-watch Halloween movie! Beware while going back to sleep post-watching this horror classic!

The Addams Family
Though weird and bizarre, 'The Addams Family' has all the humor and jokes to make it a delightful and enjoyable movie to watch on Halloween, for the entire family. Not just the spookily bizarre family promises to entertain the family, but the Halloween holiday that the movie revolves around has a major role. If you've got kids at home, keep aside the horror and nerve-racking flicks, and visit a hilarious and witty family this Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Compelling story, involving songs, and wonderfully strange visuals - what more can one ask for in an entertaining Halloween movie! Inspired by the magical town of Christmastown where Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloweentown, accidentally arrives, he tries to convince the bats, ghouls, and goblins of his town to organize Christmas instead of Halloween. Though the adults may not be highly enthused by this movie, the kids are sure going to love and would want to watch it time and again. Makes a great Christmas movie as well!