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Do you want your party to be judged as the best Halloween party? Read this segment for threateningly spooky ideas for a Halloween theme party.

Halloween Themes

Halloween is that day of the year when people indulge in celebrations and festivities to honor the dead. Celebrated on October 31 each year, Halloween is regarded as one of the oldest festivals on earth, with its roots dating back to the Celtic times wherein the Celtics observed the festival of Samhain. This spooky festival derives most of its traditions and customs from different festivals that were once observed in ancient Britain and Ireland. As the festival moved towards the West, it adopted the customs and rituals of the same place and gradually came to be celebrated as the Halloween that the world knows today. The Americans consider this occasion as one of the most special days in their list of holidays for any year. Such is the significance of the festival that parties are planned and organized on a large-scale across the continent days in advance. Everyone seems to be eagerly waiting for this scary day to completely enjoy and take pleasure in those well thought-out Halloween parties.

No Halloween can be thought without parties. The spooky characters symbolized with the festival form the central point of all parties and gatherings. So, whether it is the decorations, party food, costumes, activities, games, or even music, ghoulish symbols are infused into every single element of the Halloween celebrations. Nevertheless, you simply cannot blend all the elements into one party. You need to sketch out the plan of your Halloween party carefully so that all your guests can enjoy themselves to the maximum. Here enter party themes that help you organize a party that includes all the elements to declare the celebration a hit. Deciding upon a particular theme can help you throw a party that will be remembered and etched in hearts for years to come. Go through this section for some really eerie, gruesome, and frightening themes that you'll love organizing, more than enjoying with your guests!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party
If the customary costume parties on Halloween no longer interest you, it's time to move a step further and put on your thinking caps for a more captivating and thrilling Halloween party. And if symbols of Halloween is what you are actually planning to incorporate into your party, then nothing can be better than pumpkins to center your gathering around.

Harry Potter Party Theme
A Halloween party is, anytime, waited eagerly by one and all. After all, it is that time of the year when people get an opportunity to meet their family and friends and splurge excessively on parties. Halloween, being the largest celebrated festival in America after Christmas, is observed with immense joy and enthusiasm.

Haunted House Party Theme
Imagine standing at the entrance of a spooky house on a Halloween night and just when you are about to knock, the door mysteriously opens with a squeaky noise. Your heart shudders in fear, lest a ghost walks out from behind the door and carries you along inside. But just before you even realize, a tall shadow covers you and a bunch of little goblins scream out "Happy Halloween".

Monster Party Theme
These days, Halloween parties are getting highly customized, leaving behind the traditional customs and rituals, for celebrating this spooky festival. What began as a festival to honor the ghosts and spirits of the dead has now transformed into a time to have fun and make merry. Even though the customary festivities are no more a common sight,

Pirates Party Theme
Halloween is not just a time to flounder with ghosts, spirits, vampires, witches, bats, spiders, and werewolves. The festival has more to it. Even though the festival was introduced to honor the dead, Halloween has now turned into a time for family gatherings and get-togethers.