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Infuse humor and laughter in the Halloween party through funny costumes. Explore funny Halloween costume ideas, with this write-up.

Funny Halloween Costumes

What is Halloween without ghouls, witches, spirits, and pumpkins? A festival that is celebrated largely to honor the dead and the ghosts, Halloween cannot be imagined without spookiness and creepiness. It is the most celebrated and prestigious festival of America and Canada, second to Christmas. How about instilling some fun and laughter into this scary and eerie holiday? Just like salt and pepper complement each other, humor and horror, too, are inseparable. So, when these two distinct and opposite elements mingle together, you know you have a dramatic and terrific experience coming up. Even if you aren't willing to push aside the essence of the festival, you can light up the party with funny Halloween costumes and become the life of the crowd. Presenting you in the following lines are nasty and weird yet hilarious costume ideas for Halloween to let everyone tickle their funny bone and have a humorous party time.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Paper Shredder

Pull out sheets of paper or bills and some envelopes. Punch a hole in each sheet and envelope. Pass a rope or ribbon through the holes in the bundle and tie it around your neck. When asked by someone about what you are, tell them "shred some paper!"

Cereal Killer
Put on black attire and affix mini cereal boxes to your shirt. Glue plastic knives such that they seem to be sticking out from the boxes. Squeeze out some ketchup from the boxes to resemble blood. Voila, you've just transformed into a cereal killer!

Split Personality
If you still haven't decided on the costume you are planning to wear for the Halloween party, try dressing up as a split personality cheerleader and football player. Get a one-piece sports costume and wig from a costumes store and party all night as a cheerleader as well as a football player. Enough to revive those old memories of high school, right!

Magazine Cover Girl/Guy
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had enough of it. Take your turn now. Become the subject of a cover story on your favorite fitness or fashion magazine this Halloween! Take a large Xerox copy of a magazine or print out a larger copy of the same. Also, take a large copy of just the face of your photograph. Cut out the face and paste it on the face on the cover page of the magazine. Paste the page on a large piece of box, big enough for you to side into it. Cut out the eyes for you to see through easily. Attach ropes to rest the box on your shoulders comfortably. It's show time!

Find a square cardboard box, large enough to fit over your body. Cut out the bottom. Also, cut out holes on the sides for your arms and on the top for your head. Paint the entire box in bright colors and patterns. Add a crank for real effects. Put on a clown costume, apply clown makeup, and slide on the box over your body. Ready to entertain the guests and kids at the party!

A Shadow
Become the shadow of your friend or the worst dressed person at the Halloween party in a shadow costume. Put on an all-black costume and paint your face black. Follow a friend, date, spouse, or anyone at the party, like a shadow.