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Whether it's your love for the martial arts or the ability to hold attention without demanding it (as is with ninjas), the ninja costumes will be a perfect choice for you this Halloween.

Ninja Halloween Costumes

Make east meet west by combining combining the two ancients: first, an art of war that originated in the east; and second, a tradition that originated in the west. About the first, Ninjas have been widely popularized by the prevalent film culture of the Hollywood and many Japanese movies featuring the immaculate martial arts. Still, for the sake of those who don't know, ninjas were covert agents or mercenary of feudal Japan, specializing in unorthodox arts of war, known to have been in action sometime around the 14th century. It was their mythical abilities to prevent themselves from being seen, walking on water, and control over natural elements that gave them a much of attention of the world via fascination. If you too are fascinated towards the quiet modus operandi of these masked men with ability to infiltrate in the tightest of situations, then turning into them may not be such a bad idea idea. After all, it's Halloween and the opportunity to play out fascination is at hand. Read the lines below to get some ideas on ninja Halloween costumes.

Ninja Halloween Costume Ideas

Deluxe Ninja Costume

Move silently through the night without getting noticed and bring justice upon the troublemakers with this deluxe ninja costume that includes a black jacket with attached arm ties and belt, pants with attached with leg ties, and a mask and hood to keep your identity a secret. Hold a pair of prop nunchakus for added effect and display your deadly skills of war!

Bushido Samurai Costume
Show the way of the warrior to rest of the world with this classic bushido samurai costume for Halloween that includes a full length silk robe with attached embroidered designs of dragon and Asian symbols on the front, a pair of wide leg pants that are worn under the robe, and a wide and traditional belt to secure the robe shut. Hold a prop ninja sword for the complete look.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume
Turn into your favorite teenage mutant ninja turtle with this costume that includes a muscled jumpsuit in green and yellow-lemon color, turtle shell that ties around the waist, elbow pads, and a red eye mask to identify with Raphael; while blue is for Leonardo, orange is for Michelangelo, and purple for Donatello. Pick your favorite color and dress up with friends to complete the gang and bring down shredder.

Sassy Ninja Turtles Costume
Girls too can join in the ninja fun with this sassy ninja turtle costume that includes a Ruffle-skirt mini dress with turtle shell backpack, wrist bands, and character eye mask. Knee length boots in red, a pair of ninja tridents as weapons, and wig can be purchased separately and will accentuate the look in the sexiest way possible. Help your male friends dressed up as ninja turtles in defeating wicked shredder.

Samurai Soldier Costume
Become an integral part of Japanese Military with this samurai soldier costume that includes a black jumpsuit; black and bronze colored armor pieces made up of plastic for shoulders, chest, forearms, waist, and legs; and a plastic helmet in black and bronze lined with foam for comfortable wear. A samurai sword held in style will further authenticate the look.

Zombie Ninja Costume
Fuse the customary tradition of the the Halloween i.e. zombiehood, with the ancient men of war category i.e. Ninja, to get one freaky costume i.e. the Zombie Ninja Costume. The costume includes a tabard, shirt with the attached hood, matching pants torn from the bottom, fabric mask with the attached vinyl bloody ninja star and the belt tie. Hold a prop sword and make zombie noises for extra scare!