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No time for buying or making your Halloween outfit? Go through this article and find easy and unique last-minute ideas for Halloween costumes.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume

If you haven't picked a costume for this year's Halloween party, this article provides some clever and commendable ideas. Halloween is an annual festival, celebrated with much pomp and galore across America, and Canada, and various other places. As and when the festival approaches, the costumes are the most talked-about subject. If you've planned to make your own costume at home, it is likely that you would have started working on it from July itself. But if you aren't a creative geek, then buying one from the market is your last hope. However, if you give the second option a miss and have crossed the time to even purchase one from the market, you know that you have a problem. Time is running fast and your mind has actually stopped working. But, only if you sit back and think patiently, you know there are whole lot ideas to get your Halloween costume ready even today. For some real quick and easy last-minute Halloween costumes, go through the following lines to find ideas, drafted just for you. Take a look and rock the party with a bang!

Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Greek Goddess

Pull out a white or light colored bedsheet and wrap it around yourself, such that it is comfortable and drape it all over your shoulder. Secure the drape in place by tying a rope or belt at the waist. If you still have some leaves in your garden or have preserved some of them at home, get them out and make a head wreath by tucking small branches into your hair. For best results and effect, braid your hair to hold the branches easily and for a longer duration.

Rummage through your closet (if you are a guy) or a guy's almirah (if you're a girl) and pull out an oversize white shirt, baggy jeans, some boxers, and a pair of sneakers. Put a diamond stud earning on one ear. Hang some oversized necklaces around your neck. In case you don't have one, take aluminum foil and roll it into a big loop, large enough to fit over your head. Create a sun reflecting patch under one eye using black eyeliner. For an enhanced and realistic appearance, apply some eye shadow to create a black eye.

Sexy Librarian
For a classic yet extraordinary Halloween last-minute costume, buy a plaid or pencil skirt, button-down cardigan, blouse, and some heels. Put on the apparels and carry a pencil and some books. Finish off the look by punching out the lenses from an old pair of eyeglasses and wear them. Do not forget to reveal plenty of cleavage, since you are a sexy librarian, right!

Get two bread slices and glue one on your chest and the other on your back. Whoa! You've become a sandwich and ready to move out. Everyone's heard of a quarter pound sandwich, but you would be the first two-hundred pounder!

You've always looked for unique and wacky costumes for every Halloween party, so why not just be yourself and keep away from any kind of themed costumes this season? Arrive at the party dressed just the way you always do. But be prepared to answer the long list of questions that are likely to be put to you at the party. When commented by someone that your attire isn't a costume, smile and reply "Maybe it is..."

Medieval Monk
If colors are bothering you for choosing the right Halloween costume, then the Middle Ages era is what you should aim for. Put on a basic black hoodie. Cut out a hole in the middle of a black sheet and pull it through your head. Secure the sheet at your waist with a rope, cord, belt, or anything you find comfortable. Add a wooden cross or some colored beads on a pair of sandals to complete the medieval look. Use black beads to sport a Dominican, brown for Franciscan, and beige for Capuchin.

Mad Scientist
For all science geeks, a mad scientist costume is ideal and easy to make as well. You will require a lab coat, utility goggles, and red gloves. Create blood spats on the lab coat using red food coloring. Dilute some corn starch in water and use the mixture to stiffen your hair, to resemble a crazy scientist at work.

Christmas Tree
Simply yet attention-grabbing! Dress up in green and wrap Christmas lights all around you. Seems to be a stupid idea at first, but once you plug yourself into the wall, the bright and colorful lights will have all the chicks attracted towards you. Worth a good try!