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Halloween festival generally constitutes wearing scary and ghoulish costumes. Read the following article to get some scary Halloween costume ideas.

Scary Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the festival of celebrating the spirits of dead people. For centuries, people have dressed in scary and ghoulish costumes during this special occasion. The classic scary costume options include vampire, devil, witch, demons and skeletons. But the list of scary costumes is not limited to mythical characters and also contains a number of scary characters from popular Hollywood movies. Popular horror movies like "Friday the 13th", "Nightmare on Elm Street", "Child's Play" and "Frankenstein" are quite known for their ghoulish and scary characters. The main characters of these movies have become some of the classic Halloween characters, thanks to their spine-chilling looks and deadly acts. This Halloween, if you are planning to scare the guts out of the party goers, imitating these characters would be a good idea to get those nerve-racking screams. These scary costumes always add a chilling factor to the festive atmosphere of the Halloween. Here are some scary Halloween costumes that you can try in this Halloween.

Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

Vampire Costume

The classic concept of vampire is quite scary. These blood feeders are in people's conscience for centuries for their mysterious and morbid outlook. The vampire costume includes tattered cape, layered vest/shirt combo, black pants, ascot, and realistic vinyl stake sticks coming out of the costume. Every Halloween costume party is incomplete without vampires.

The costume of famous cannibal, Hannibal includes a lower-face mask, straight-jacket, a bit of blood around the lips, and a severed arm carried as a late-night snack. This costume guarantees a scary appearance that will shiver most of onlookers.

Chainsaw Murderer
Originally popularized by the movie, "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre", the Chainsaw Murderer is a popular scary character. To imitate this character, you will require the bloody chainsaw and a pair of safety goggles to convey the image of a cold-calculating killer.

Jason Costume
Jason became a household name after the popularity of "Friday the 13th" movie series. The Jason costume includes the EVA mask and jacket with inset shirt. A blood smeared machete will complete your Halloween costume.

Freddy Costume
Another serial killer from popular Hollywood movies is Freddy of "Nightmare on Elm Street" fame. The Freddy costume comprise of the Freddy Krueger mask, shirt, hat and glove. There are varieties of gloves available with this costume that you can try to scare you friends in this Halloween.

Michael Myers Costume
The character of Michael Myers is a perfect for the occasion of Halloween. He is the fictional character popularized in Halloween slasher films. The costume consists of poly cotton, long sleeve jumpsuit with zipper front. Add the mask and knife to complete your Halloween costume.

This is a costume that never goes out of fashion in terms of Halloween parties. You can show advanced decomposition that include small worms or other insects, exposed bone, and smears of dirt to indicate that the corpse has been recently dug or has raised from the grave.

Bloody Butcher
This costume has been repeated several times in movies and each time without fail shivered the viewers with horror. The costume includes bloody apron, mask, and toy weapon, blood smeared shirt and pants. This costume comes with a guarantee of scaring people.

Dr. Killer Driller
This costume can be another scary Halloween costume. It comprise of blood spattered dentist smock, wig with attached hair, headband, magnifier, tools and gloves.