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Austin Powers is a popular movie series known for its parody and elements of popular culture. Read the following article to know some cool Austin Powers Halloween Costumes.

Austin Powers Halloween Costumes

Austin Powers is a film series that debuted in 1997. The movies series consist of three movies, where the third movie was released in 2002. Since the release of first movie, Austin Powers instantly became popular with masses. The movies series was a parody of spy movies of 1960s, especially the James Bond series. Unlike the handsome and suave James Bond, Austin Powers is not conventionally good looking, but has a way with ladies. In fact, the character of Austin Powers is in sharp contrast with the usual attractive main lead that is customarily followed. The costumes worn by characters were both classic and funky. Austin Powers movies provide us with several characters and consequently various costumes to try out. On this Halloween, if you are confused about your costumes, Austin Powers costumes should be your choice. The outfits of the characters have smashing outlook giving you a distinct appearance in the crowd. Here is a list of Austin Powers Halloween costumes that you can try out in this season.

Austin Powers Halloween Costume Ideas

Austin Powers Costumes

Austin Powers is the protagonist or the central character of the movie series. If you are considering the idea of imitating the look of Austin Powers, you will need Austin's signature blue button down jacket, blue pants, laced white dickey with cravat and lace trim and colored, plastic glasses. Add a pair of Austin's teeth to attract the fairer group in the party.

Dr. Evil Costumes
Dr. Evil plays the role of a dim-witted arch enemy of Austin Powers. Dr. Evil costumes include the gray shirt with a stand-up collar that ties at back of neck. This is paired up with a matching gray polyester pants and the latex cap.

Foxxy Cleopatra Costumes
She is a sidekick and lover of Austin Powers. Girls who are looking to grab attention in this Halloween should try this outfit from the movie series. The costume includes the bright orange leather halter-top and cropped jacket. For wig you can use a glaring burgundy one that undoubtedly attracts the crowd.

Felicity Shagwell Costumes
She is a CIA agent and partner of Austin Powers in the movie. Young ladies can don her character for their Halloween costumes. The costumes includes dark blue jumpsuit with shorts, belt and boot tops with butterfly features on the sides. This funky dress is suitable for Halloween parties and a sure-shot show stealer.

Fat Bastard Costumes
Fat Bastard is a fat Scottish henchman of Dr. Evil. This extremely obese look is very popular for Halloween theme parties. The costume includes a nylon bodysuit with battery controlled inflating fan that makes you look super sized. Get ready to enjoy the sumo look for this coming Halloween.

Fembots Costumes
The Fembots are female robots from the movie series. This costume is another popular outfit that you can choose for the upcoming occasion of Halloween. The pink sheer mesh baby doll dress constitutes of soft pink fur at the chest and bottom. The costume further includes the shiny gray nylon boy shorts having an elastic waistband. The costume goes well with pink fur shoe clips and a hair clip.

Austin Powers Goldmember Costume
This costume includes the bright fuchsia satin shirt with blossom sleeves and an over-sized collar. It further comprises of attached blue polyester/cotton vest featuring turquoise buttons and matching turquoise trim. Add Austin Powers' male sign necklace, glasses, and the Gold Nugget cane to really make the costume more appealing. This costume is another great choice for Halloween.