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Read this article on Matrix Halloween Costumes and bring out the cyberpunk in you by transforming into your favorite characters from the science fiction fantasy world of the Matrix.

Matrix Halloween Costumes

If you're looking to spend the Halloween holiday in a futuristic way and are a fan of The Matrix trilogy then we needn't convince you to don the look, for the idea will surely be running around in your mind. What we'll do is just heighten the sense of excitement by mentioning a few things about the movie to those who haven't seen it yet. The film depicts a future where humans exist merely as a digital projection in a world, which is not real but is a simulated environment called The Matrix, created by the Machines to blindfold human' eyes. What follows is a story to free the mankind from the grasp of Machines by a group of humans who know the reality, at the same time preventing the destruction of their secret hiding and residing place, The Zion, after which the killer machines are. The three movies went on to collect more than $1.5 billion and gained a worldwide cult following. The primary characters: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and Agent Smith becoming one of the most loved and spoofed characters of all time. So, whether you want to spoof or pay homage, the following section of Matrix Halloween Costume will guide you through the rest.

Matrix Halloween Costume Ideas

Neo Matrix Costume

Be the One! The one who will enter the machine world, defeat agent Smith, and save Zion. With this costume of the one of the most stylized characters, Neo, Halloween night will be one hell of a ride. The costume includes a polyester made long black colored coat with collar and faux snaps and black sunglasses. Wear it with black pair of pants and black costume boots for a complete look.

Trinity Matrix Costume
Be the one for the One! Trinity played Neo's love interest, emotional support system, and was one kick ass human that wasn't afraid to fight the machines at any given time. The costume includes a full length black vinyl coat that zips on top and remains open from waist down, and black trinity sunglasses. Wear it with black pair pants, black gloves, and black costume boots for an authentic Trinity look.

Morpheus Matrix Costume
With this costume, transform into morph into Morpheus: the Captain of the Nebuchadnezzar, a mentor to Neo and Trinity, and a pillar of strength to whole of Zion. The costume includes a full length black jacket with high pointed collar, black sunglasses (100% UV protection) without any earpieces. Black pants and black leather shoes will further stylize the look, just like Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus.

Agent Smith Matrix Costume
With this Agent Smith costume, turn into one of the most unflinching and destructive villains in the cinematic history, hell bent on killing Neo. All you need is a black suit, white shirt, a black tie, black leather shoes, black sunglasses, and an earpiece for complete look. Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus will have something to fear when you walk within them dominatingly whispering "Mr. Anderson, surprised to see me?"

Albino Twins Matrix Costume
These albino twins were henchmen to the Merovingian. Play these translucent twins who were able to pass through solid objects as ghosts, at will. The costume includes a long overcoat, sunglasses, and a headpiece with attached wig (to be purchased separately). The effect will be greatest if you have a twin brother willing to partake in some Halloween fun with this costume.