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Get into the groove with some mummified dancing and ruling of the neighborhood with these Egyptian Halloween Costumes.

Egyptian Halloween Costumes

The Pyramids of Giza, rows of Sphinx, vast sea of sand, the bandaged mummies, and a history that takes you back to one of the oldest civilizations of the world; all this has been enticing many either to mummify themselves or transform into Pharaohs and queens for many a Halloween seasons. The look is in, the costumes are easily available and comfortable to wear, and will transport you to this mystically archaic world with spectators' gazes fixed upon you. Besides the costumes of famous Egyptian pharaohs like Tutankhamun, Ramsses, and Cleopatra; the costumes of the walking dead mummified people are also available that will lend the Halloween a classic Egyptian theme. The costumes are available in all sizes for men and women. Plus, accessories to completely turn into a particular figure are also available. On top of that, few Egyptian costumes for kids and teens are also available and will be perfect if you want to make it a family theme for the Halloween. Continue reading to know get a few ideas on what all Egyptian costumes are there for the Halloween.

Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

King Tut Costume

With this costume that includes a white tunic, Egyptian costume collar, matching belt, King Tut costume headpiece, and Egyptian arm cuffs; transform into one of the most famous and interesting figures in the world: King Tutankhamun. Mystify the world with your majestic presence this Halloween.

Ramsses King of Egypt Costume
Be the greatest, most celebrated, and the most powerful pharaoh of the 19th dynasty of the ancient Egypt, Ramsses II, with this costume that includes includes a yellow and black striped headpiece, black robe, shoulder drape, cuffs, and body wrap. Hold an Egyptian staff to complete the look.

Classic Mummy Costume
With this classic mummy costume that includes a cream colored jumpsuit with pieces of gauze and tattered edges hung loosely from all sides, sport an authentic look. A matching headpiece with features such as tattered edges and a single piece of gauze that can be used to wrap around your head is also provided in the costume kit. Don't forget to chase the kids off to their mommies while making ghoulish sounds.

For Women

Sensuous Mummy Costume

People will be scared and at the same time mesmerized by your presence. The costume includes the gauzy white headpiece with fluttery sheer accents, the crop-top in white with sheer accents and tattered sleeves, and the miniskirt with a long, sheer, tattered overlay.

Queen Cleopatra Costume
She was the last Pharaoh to rule the land of Egypt, and this Halloween, reincarnated via costume, she'll walk the earth again with this costume that includes includes a dress, collar with screen print, headband and the cuffs. To complete the look of the dashing historical queen, wear a Cleopatra Wig and shoes that are separately available.

Egyptian Queen Mummy Costume
Be the queen of the all the Mummies that walk this Halloween with this costume that features a long zip-back spandex-feel dress covered with layered faux muslin strips, decorative print vinyl collar with neck ties, printed vinyl belt with gold ribbon accents and Velcro closure, plus plastic and vinyl headpiece with gold ribbon and beetle decorative trim. Make rest of the mummies dance to your fingertips or have them chase a nut who just won't stop staring at you.