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Explore this article on Police Halloween Costumes and swear to protect and serve the community by becoming a cop, albeit only for a day. Fun unlimited!

Police Halloween Costumes

Halloween, no other costume will let you have as much fun as will the police uniform costumes. Walking in the crowd of people dressed as all sorts of characters: from superheroes to super-creeps, from historical figures to religious figures, and from pin up girls to pimps; you dressed in a cop uniform is sure to make them wonder at least once if you're a real cop or are fake as them. And if you're able, some fine acting skills on your part by strongly demanding "sir, you'll have to come with us to the police station", will give the crowd real halloweeny jitters and for you it'll be double the fun. These costumes come in all the sizes and are easily available. What are you waiting for then? Go and locate a store from where you can get a near authentic police costume for Halloween and let everybody know that you strictly mean business. But before you leave, read the following section and get some ideas on the police costumes for Halloween.

Police Halloween Costume Ideas

Police Officer Costume

With this police officer uniform, walk around the town as if you're the system around here and your word is to taken for what it is. The costume pretty much includes everything: dark blue shirt with real buttons and pleated pockets, dark blue pants, hat with logo on the front, a black belt around the waist and holding hand cuffs, and gun holster. A police badge, a police club, and dark mirrored glasses will make you as much cop as the real ones can be. Don't let law slip out of your hand.

70s Detective Costume
Solve crimes the old school way: not knowing what the hell is going on and obstructing efficient working of the police who did actually know what has to be done. The costume is one hilarious collection of a tacky wig, a pair of 1970s style glasses, and an excessively old-fashioned moustache, the style of which is but a funny memory. And of course, a vertical striped shirt, a pair of pants and a tie is included in the costume. The scene is yours, solve!

Special Ops SWAT Costume
Where the above two fail, this one succeeds and succeeds like anything. Deal with the toughest hostage situation and look strikingly handsome while doing it. The costume includes a dark blue polyester shirt with short sleeves, a black forceful utility vest made from polypropylene and polyester, a pair of black knee pads, and fingerless gloves that give a leathery appearance.

Escaped Convict Costume
Be the convict who has escaped the prison and has cops chasing behind him. The convict's conviction will look more realistic if a friend clad in police uniform costume were to run after him. This costume includes one polyester made orange jumpsuit with collar, long sleeves, and a pocket. The suit zips in the front for easy on and off. A seven digit inmate number is also printed in front and "Dept. of Corrections" printed on the back. Toy wrist handcuffs would make the costume good to go and near believable.

Ladies FBI Agent Costume
Be the sexiest agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation by slipping into this costume that includes a zip up front black colored jumpsuit made of nylon, a vinyl belt with silver buckle, toy handcuffs, a hat that has FBI written in the front, a black 12 inches baton made of hollow plastic, cardboard FBI badge, and aviator style police sunglasses. Solving crimes will never be this sexy!