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Transform your home sweet home into a haunted house this Halloween! Find ideas for a Halloween haunted house party theme, with this write-up.

Haunted House Party Theme

Imagine standing at the entrance of a spooky house on a Halloween night and just when you are about to knock, the door mysteriously opens with a squeaky noise. Your heart shudders in fear, lest a ghost walks out from behind the door and carries you along inside. But just before you even realize, a tall shadow covers you and a bunch of little goblins scream out "Happy Halloween". Quite a minor heart attack, right! That is the least you can expect on this spooky and scary holiday from your family and neighborhood. Why not concoct a Halloween party that oozes out exactly what people wait on this festival, ghouls, phantoms, and goblins? With some basic ideas, organize a haunted house party that will leave all the invitees howling for their lives, though with delight. Take aboard all your guests on a truly eerie adventurous flight, loaded with spooky decorations, ghoulish games, haunted cuisine, and creepy music. Explore all information and ideas on throwing a haunted house party this Halloween, in the sections that follow.

Halloween Haunted House Party Ideas


The invitations should be spooky enough to hype the party in everyone's mind who have received the invite and cannot but wait for the D-day. And if the invitations serve two-fold purpose, first being invites and later being used as party bags to carry back favors, it would be great. You can find such invitations in all craft stores or prepare some at home as well. Stick to the party theme by pasting black bats, black haunted houses, and white full moon stickers on to the invitation card-cum-bag.

Over the years, the ghost costumes have transformed from large white sheets to different designer clothing to suit everyone's needs. A large assortment of ghost costumes can be found online and in stores selling Halloween clothing. Ask your guests to come to the party dressed in their favorite ghost attire.

Your Halloween haunted house party should reflect a night of fright. The party theme can best be replicated when organized outdoors. Heap some earth in the garden to resemble dug graves, while you can also lay small tombstones for a deathly welcome. Enhance the ghostly effect by placing small lanterns in front of each tombstone. Have white pumpkins and fearsome ghosts prepared from tattered cloth arranged across the graveyard setting. For the interiors, moth-eaten curtains can be hung from the ceiling for an eerie mood. To give an instant scare, place mirrors in varying sizes with eyes across the party area. Prepare the cheesecloth to resemble cobwebs and attach it to candlesticks for that creepy feeling.

The treats and food served at the party should be ghoulish to fit perfectly into your spooky Halloween party. Start off with startling appetizers, like devilish eggs, sinister spread, spooky spiced shrimp, squash-leaf canapes, and guacamoldy with creature chips, accompanied with beverages, such as swamp sangria, putrid punch, vampire's kiss, and brain hemorrhage. Roasted ghosts, disappearing lollipops, bat chips, wiggly jiggly crystal ball, worms on a bun, jack-o'-lantern pizzas, and oven-roasted ribs with barbecue sauce are great options for the main course. End the ghostly and haunted-house buffet with sweet treats, like creepy cupcakes, sweet bones, graveyard cake, shrunken pears, and brain cupcakes.

To keep the guests completed infused into the party mood and enjoy the aura to the fullest, games and activities can be integrated for that desired distinct edge. Grab the ghost, a gift from mummy, monster mouth game, fishing for fortunes, weaving a scary tale, and magic manicure are some games to look out for at a haunted house party. As an alternate, ghost and scary stories can be retold at the round table.

To imitate the sounds of the haunted houses, dark soundscapes make great music choices. You can find different effects and soundscape CDs sold by most music stores with recordings of eerie sounds, like chains rattling, ghosts moaning, and screams in the distance. Golden oldies can also be used as haunted soundtracks, such as Monster Mash, Michael Jackson's Thriller, and tracks from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.