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The magical & superstitious festival of Halloween is celebrated worldwide. Explore Halloween celebration ideas for 2015, with this segment.


The very mention of the word Halloween symbolizes parties, spookiness, creepiness, tricks, and above all, fun! Yes, it is that time of the year when the world, particularly, the Western World, leaves behind all work and responsibilities to indulge in complete enjoyment and party all night. A time of celebration and superstition, Halloween comes forth as a day when it is believed that the ghosts and ghouls return to the earth and walk among the living. Commemorated just between the fall and winter, symbolic of plenty and paucity, and life and death, this auspicious festival is more of a blend of the multicultural history and modern-day holiday celebrations. Idealistically, the traditions for marking this significant occasion are derived from the ancient Celtic practices, Catholic and Roman religious rituals, and European folk traditions. The stirrings and beliefs of all these traditions are amalgamated in such a way that they present a wonderful and lively holiday the world distinguishes today.

Celebrated each year on October 31, Halloween is a prime festival of the United States of America and Canada, characterized by magic, mystery, and superstition. What began as a Celtic end-of-the-summer festival eventually transformed into a ghoulish, ghastly, trick-o-treater, and fun-filled holiday of today. Jack-o'-lanterns, apple bobbing, costume parties, trick-o-treating, bonfires, pranks, haunted attractions, scary stories, and horror films form the major symbols and highlights of this spooky festival. Ghosts, goblins, gravestones, and graveyards are the talk of the town during Halloween. Stories of witches, warlocks, and scary black cats are the central themes of all tales recounted on this creaky and creepy holiday. Not to forget, legends of those candy corn, jelly apples, pumpkins, and bats! Right from eerie foods to weird costumes, haunted attractions to spine-chilling games, everyone and everything seems to be completely infused in the essence of this deathly holiday. Explore the unexpected terror yet humorous fun of Halloween with this section!