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Aside the simple costume parties and bizarre foods gorge on, kids can be delighted with fun Halloween games. Read on for Halloween party games.

Kids Halloween Games

Costume parties, visiting haunted places, reading out scary stories, and watching horror movies are a common sight at every Halloween party. But if you are in the mood of throwing a real spooky and ghoulish party for Halloween, games need to be apt for the so-called scary theme. And for kids, you simply cannot escape with organizing those simple ones. You need to have a well-stocked collection of ideas to cheer them up and let them party hard. Planning some fiendish and bewitching Halloween games can get the kids moving and have loads of unlimited fun. Read further through the lines below to find some ghastly and grisly yet amusing and entertaining games for kids for a screaming Halloween party.

Halloween Party Games For Kids

Bat Walk Game

Bats go hand in hand with the creepy Halloween festival. So, why not infuse these little symbols into the party theme as well? This upside down mirror walk game will have kids turn into little batty bats. You will need some crepe paper, cardboard, mirror about 6 inches in diameter, and tape or tacks. Sketch a winding route of crepe paper around the ceiling of your party room using tape or tack. Buy a mirror about 6 inches in diameter, if you do not have one, and fix it to a large piece of cardboard. To start the play, a kid will have to find his way out through the bat cave while looking into the mirror and following the route reflected from the ceiling. He will have to carefully step around light fixtures, open doors, and other creepy decorations hanging from the rafters. Follow up with other kids.

Halloween Eyeball Bounce
For really young kids, this goofy and insane game fits the theme best. You will need ping pong balls, markers, and a plastic pumpkin or party cups. Start off with decorating each ping pong with markers to give it the look of a blood shot eye. Repeat with all balls. Place the plastic pumpkin or party cups across one end of the room and ask the kids to stand in line at the other end. Hand an eyeball to each child and ask them to toss or bounce the eyeball across the room to land into the pumpkin or party cup. Distribute prizes to kids who get the eyeball into the target. You can also have plenty party cups lined up with each cup having a secret prize. This will increase the chances of each child winning with the joy of being gifted a secret surprise.

Find the Pumpkin
A crazy and wacky treasure hunt for young lads! You will need ten pieces of white paper, five pieces of orange paper, five pieces of yellow paper, a crayon, and scissors. On each paper piece, draw a pumpkin with a crayon. This way, you'll have ten white pumpkins, five orange pumpkins, and five yellow pumpkins. Cut out the pumpkins and decorate each one with a funny face. Write number 1 on the back of the white pumpkins, 5 on the back of yellow pumpkins, and 10 on the back of orange pumpkins. Hide all the pumpkins in different places in the party room or play area. Ask the kids to find as many pumpkins as they can before you say "Stop!" Thereafter, sum up the numbers on the pumpkins collected by each child. The child with the maximum points wins the game.

Make small chits with the words "trick" or "treat" written on them. Place them in a plastic pumpkin or a basket. Arrange the kids in a circle and ask each one to pick up a piece of paper. In case the paper reads "treat", the child gets a chance to pick up a treat from the treat bag. However, if the paper reads "trick", the child will have to perform a trick in order to get that treat from the goodie bag. Prepare a list of easy tricks for the kids to perform beforehand. They could be standing on one leg for the count of 10, rubbing the head and patting the tummy at the same time, and so on.