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Scare your guests to a frighteningly memorable Halloween party with fun and weird games. Read through for adult Halloween party games.

Adult Halloween Games

Complete with costumes, candy, foods, and trick-or-treating, Halloween is a festival for adults as much it is for children. A time for fun and some mischievous behavior, Halloween allows every single person to indulge in sheer fun and enjoyment. To add more to the holiday atmosphere, Halloween games can spice up the mood of the party. One does not have to be a child to play silly and crazy games; adults have an equal opportunity to celebrate the occasion to the fullest. Let your guests bring out the child within them by organizing some creepy and goofy Halloween games, meant exclusively for adults. To keep your guests entertained till the last goodbye they bid you, we bring you a small collection of exciting and amusing adult Halloween games to enhance the spine-chilling fun and have a devilishly gala party time. Take a look!

Fun Halloween Party Games For Adults

Quick Changing

Include all your guests into the fun quotient of the Halloween party with this funny game. Visit a nearby costume store and purchase some cheesy costumes and wigs. Buy two large plastic tubs and fill them up with bow ties, bras, spandex shorts, old clothes, and other such dresses. Divide the guests into two teams. At one end of the play area, place the two plastic tubs loaded with costumes, while spray-painting a finish line at a distance of 10 feet. Instruct them to put on all the clothes in the tub, one player at a time, and run to the finish line. Thereafter, they are required to strip down and return the outfits into the tub, to let the second player enter. The team to complete the game first wins. Hand over a goofy and crazy prize for each member of the winning team.

Pass the Pumpkin
Well, pumpkins are not just for gorging or decorating the home on Halloween. They make great game props as well. You will need miniature pumpkins, one each for one team. Organize your guests into teams of five or six. Allow the team members to line up in a straight line. At the sound of the whistle, the first player of each team places the miniature pumpkin under his chin and passes to the next player, using only his chin. This is where the twist lies. The pumpkin cannot be touched with the hands. In case the pumpkin falls on the ground or is touched by a hand anytime in between the passing, the team will have to begin all over again from the first player. The first team to successfully pass the pumpkin from chin to chin in the least time wins the game.

Not all your guests may be familiar with each other at your Halloween party. This game comes in handy as it keeps the guests interacting with one another, thereby helping break the ice. Even if the guests aren't willing to talk, they are left with no option but to speak out as the game induces them to do so. After all the guests have arrived, tape a secret name to the back of each guest, asking each one to make a correct guess. Since the party theme is Halloween, it is best to use names of people and monsters associated with the occasion. You can use names, such as Count Dracula, Long John Silver, King Arthur, Frankenstein, Dorothy of Oz, Merlin, and so on. To guess his secret name, the guest can ask just two questions to other guests present, with the answers being either a "yes" or "no". Distribute prizes to the first three who have correctly guessed their secret name.

Egg Roulette
Pick up a few dozen eggs from the grocery store. You'll need several of them for the game, so keep a good stock in hand. Divide the eggs into groups of six and hard-boil just five of them leaving the sixth one raw. Mix all of them and dye them either black or orange. The aim of the game is to select a raw egg from the group of six, informing that one in every six eggs is raw. The main object is to bring forward the brave ones who are willing to take the risk and crack the raw egg over their heads. Offer prizes to the ones who succeed in finding a raw egg. To add a different twist, you can dye one of six eggs orange and the rest five black, confusing the guests to assume that the odd orange colored egg is raw.