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The popular festival of Halloween is celebrated in a number of ways. Discover creative and unique ideas for Halloween celebrations, herein.

Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is that day of the year when ghosts, witches, and fairies get active and walk amid the living. Celebrated on October 31 every year, Halloween finds its origin from two different festivals. The pre-Christian Celtic feast organized on the Celtic New Year is the dominating festival of Halloween, with the second occasion being the celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Together the festivals merged and came to be celebrated as the modern day Halloween. The traditions and rituals, too, have been derived from the ancient festivals, and are most popular in America and Canada, to be precise. This spooky holiday is regarded as a kids' holiday wherein young lads dress up in weird costumes and move house-to-house asking for treats in exchange of letting go off tricks and pranks planned in advance. Several other old and new methods are incorporated for celebrating Halloween. Check out some of them while browsing through the following lines.

Celebration Ideas For Halloween

Carving Jack-o'-Lanterns

What is a Halloween celebration without pumpkins? Pumpkins are more popularly used for carving jack-o'-lanterns rather than consuming them in delicacies. Carve them into funny, weird, scary, or smiling jack-o'-lanterns as a pumpkin carving competition or as a front door decoration to welcome the guests. And if the light effects at the party are likely to be dim, place a lit lamp in the carved pumpkin to make it the perfect jack-o'-lantern. Besides, they can be used for creating eerie and creepy presentations at the dinner table for serving meals.

Fun Halloween Party
Throwing a Halloween party is, indeed, one of the most popular ways of celebrating this scary and frightful holiday. Since the essence of the festival itself is spookiness and creepiness, planning should be done well in advance. Make a note of your guest list, invitation cards, party theme, organizing activities, decorating the party room, cooking bizarre meals, and many such preparations. Incorporated with games, sound effects, and horror movies, you can have a ghastly and ghoulish Halloween party.

Creative Costumes
The funniest element of the Halloween season is the distinctive and weird costumes prepared just for the Halloween evening. Stores and markets offer a wide range of readymade costumes in their Halloween section for you to choose from. However, you can juice out your creativity and make homemade Halloween attire from old clothes, in case the ready-to-wear dresses turn out to be an expensive affair. Different themes can be kept in mind while creating Halloween costumes at home, such as Addams Family, Scooby-Doo, Grease, historical, ghostly, and others.

Ghoulish Halloween Menu
To keep the party guests engaged and excited, you can infuse your Halloween celebrations into the food as well with creepy and tasteful recipes. After all, a Halloween party without creepy and ghoulish food is deemed to be unsavory and bland. The scary snacks, eerie appetizers, ghoulish main course, and bizarre desserts, coupled with chilling beverages make an absolute t-eerie-fic Halloween meal.

Scary Decorations
Set your home into a spooky Halloween village with easily available items and accessories at home. Agreed that Halloween is a time to dress up in scary yet funny costumes, why leave the home plain and unornamented? Spice up your festive celebrations with creepy and frightening ornaments affixed at places across the party room. As an alternate, decorations can be made at home in the form of exciting crafts and activities with kids.