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Add another streak of fear and terror to your Halloween celebrations with clip art images. This article enlists some popular Halloween clipart.

Halloween Clip Art

Halloween is one of the many times that let people to gather and mingle with one another. Just as the fall season ends, people await the arrival of this spooky and creepy holiday to set themselves to another journey of celebrations and festivities. This highly celebrated and distinguished festival brings forth harvest fairs, corn mazes, haunted houses, pumpkin carving contests, and several such happening events. The fun is not just confined to the youth and adults, but extends to the revelry and enjoyment of kids as well. Crafts, activities, and fun is all what everyone hopes with this ghoulish and devilish holiday. To add to the festivity, there is a plethora of clip art pictures available on the internet which can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether they are invites or favors, clip art adds a fun and fantastical touch to your Halloween celebrations. Get your party decorations come to life with spooky and creepy Halloween clip art. Read on for some screechy and terrifying clip art for Halloween in the lines below.

Clipart Images For Halloween


Available in different sizes, colors, and patterns, you can print out bugs on your Halloween invitation cards. The presence of such creepy creatures will provide an unexpected surprise to the guests as they receive invitations crawling with bugs. For best results and desired shocking effects, use heavyweight paper for printing bugs on them.

The most prominent and special symbol associated with Halloween is the pumpkin. Whether they are jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkin pies, or glowing lanterns, pumpkin fit into every element of the Halloween celebrations. Available in various sizes, designs, faces, and even colors, pumpkins can get this spookiest holiday celebrated in a frightful fashion. Use them to adorn your invitations, creating greeting cards, or preparing scary decorations - pumpkin clipart would never fail to please you.

The creepiest and scariest creatures to talk about on Halloween, using bat clip art will get your guests' hearts pounding out. While a general flying bat can be used for making greeting cards and favors, a flying bat with red eyes makes a perfect decorating clipart. To deem the bat as the highlight of the party, download large wallpaper with some bats flying, with a moon in the backdrop, and hang it at one wall of the party room to create an eerie atmosphere.

To create a resting spot for the long-legged critters, a spider clipart can be searched and downloaded from the internet. Have plenty of creepy spider webs downloaded and printed on stickers. Paste them at places throughout the party room to create the aura of a haunted house. Cobwebs with spiders entangled can also be printed and used as decorations. And if you manage to find a spider suspended from the witch's hat clip art, use it for producing invitations, greetings cards, and party favors.

Owls are, indeed, among the scariest creatures associated with Halloween. To make the occasion even more spooky and creepy, downloading printable versions of these howling owls can add to the mood of the ferociously fun evening. Select these avian hunters, either with a piercing stare or with clenching talons or even both, and spice up your celebrations. Use them in invitations, party decorations, party favors, and so on. The miniature brads of these nocturnal creatures are great to gift and receive as well.

Ever wondered that ghosts can be sociable and friendly also? No, without a second thought! Though Halloween largely centers on ghosts and spirits, but a fun-loving and happy-go-lucky ghost clip art can enhance that fun element of Halloween celebrations. Whether it is a winking ghost, a waving ghost, or a wicked ghost saying "Boo!", these little friendly fiends make great clipart pictures for this spooky holiday.