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Looking for some fun and thrilling ideas for Halloween games? This article illustrates some exciting Halloween party games.

Fun Halloween Games

Parties are synonymous with the Halloween holiday. And games form the essence of every party, with Halloween being no exception. So, whether you are hosting a Halloween party at home or organizing a school party, some spook-tacular games can be a great idea to bring out the fright and horror of a creepy Halloween. Now that your creative and spooky Halloween theme is finalized, the food and drink menu is approved, and the decorations are in full swing, why leave behind the fun quotient? Since Halloween is all about witches, ghosts, pumpkins, bats, cats, devils, and other such horrifying creatures, games centering on these themes can set the house on fire. This Halloween, have a blast while celebrating the holiday with fun-filled and wacky Halloween party games. Given below is a list of some ghoulishly chilling party game ideas for Halloween.

Fun Halloween Party Game Ideas

Mummy Relay

Divide the kids into teams of three or four and hand a roll of toilet paper to each team. Each group has to decide a "mummy" while the remaining members will play "wrappers". At the start of the game, the kids have to wrap their mummy using the entire roll of toilet paper. The first team to finish the roll of toilet paper and completely wrap the mummy wins the game.

Find the Worms
You will require plenty of whipped cream and loads of gummy worms to play this game. Give a bowl filled with 6-8 gummy worms covered with lots of whipped cream to each participant. Have the participants place their hands at their back. The participants have to dig through the whipped cream and find gummy worms using their mouth. The first player to find all the gummy worms is the winner. Though a complete messy game, the guests are sure going to enjoy the fun!

Make the Zombies Laugh
Ask all the party guests to freeze on the floor like a zombie. Pick up one child as "it", who will have to make the other kids frozen as zombies laugh out. "It" can make silly faces, dance around, crack jokes, and do anything to make the zombies laugh. Any zombie who laughs out will help "it" to make others laugh. The person who manages to hold his position the longest without laughing turns victorious.

Pumpkin Seed Search
Organize all the children present at the party into groups of two or three. Provide each team with a pumpkin with its top cut off and a bowl. The teams have to remove as many seeds as possible from the pumpkin, ensuring that the slime does not come along, in the given period of time. The team with the highest number of seeds in the bowl wins the game.

This comical and competitive game demands eagle-eye sharp observers. Get a large bag and fill it with assorted big and small accessories, such as scarves, ties, jewelry, wigs, ribbons, sunglasses, mittens, watches, sport equipment, and such. The guests present are divided into two teams. The first team assigns two or three players to put on as many accessories as possible in a span of 30 seconds, in front of the entire gathering. These dressed-up players move to a separate room to trade some of their gear through barter system and return. The remaining members of the team have to identify the switches, wherein they get one point for each correct guess, in two minutes. At the end of the time, the second team can earn points by guessing the switches which the first team had missed. Thereafter, the second team picks two or three members to play new costume swappers. And the game continues.