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Add life and soul to a teen Halloween party with fun games. Explore this write-up for Halloween party games for teenagers.

Halloween Games For Teens

A Halloween party isn't a party unless you have Halloween games that are truly gross, scary, and disgusting. But when you have a Halloween party to organize for your teenager, you simply can't escape with those typical party themes, foods, and games. Teens tend to get bored easily and keeping them entertained all night long is a great challenge. With this, you need a lot of planning and preparation to induce sheer fun and enjoyment, right from the time teens enter your home till they bid you goodbye. All that teens expect from a Halloween party is full-on amusement, loads of laughter, uplifting atmosphere, and above all, extreme fun. Then, what are you waiting for? Get the party going with some eerie, batty, and zany Halloween games for teenagers! Here are some Halloween party game ideas for teens that are sure gonna be a hit. Read on.

Fun Halloween Party Games For Teenagers

Most Monstrous Makeover

Divide all the guests into groups of two, three, or four players. Hand over a bag of assorted items, like false noses, wigs, makeup boxes, lipstick, false eyelashes, and so on, to each team. The basic object of the game is to turn any one person in each team into a monstrous looking creature. Since the game is time limited of about 5-10 minutes, the team members will have to give the person a makeover in the least possible time. At the end of the game, the team which does the makeover perfectly is awarded the prize.

Eyeball Hunt
Scary yet fun-filled, this game will require plenty of ping pong balls, enough to fill up three buckets. Remove six balls from the lot and paint them as eyelids. Hide two balls in each bucket. Now, organize your guests into groups of three. Each group has to hunt for the "eyelid" balls in the buckets in the least possible time. The team that successfully collects all the six balls in minimum time wins the game.

Halloween Movie Quiz
By now, most teens must have watched some famous Halloween films, like "Harry Potter", "The Haunted Mansion", "Coraline", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Death Becomes Her", and other such scary flicks. Since the movies pertain to Halloween and it's a Halloween party, why not organize a movie quiz, with questions on famous characters, plots, and scenes from popular movies? Award a fake spider for every correct answer, instead of a point.

Candy Corn Toss
To play this game, you will require a timer, candy corn, and two plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins. Break up your guests into two teams. Ask each team to stand behind a line drawn beforehand. Place a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin for each team at a short distance. At the sound of the whistle, each team has to toss candy corn into the pumpkin. The team with the most candy in the pumpkin, in two minutes, turns victorious. You can even play the same game with a variation. Have a team member to hold the pumpkin and collect as many candy corns as possible while the other team members are tossing them.

Halloween Fear Factor
A creepy and fun guessing game to hold on a teen Halloween party! Blindfold all the guests and let them take turns in inserting their hands into a bowl or jar filled with eatables that are gross on the touch. Let them guess the eatable that they had just touched. For the guessing eatables, you can keep foods, such as jelly, peanut butter, crushed biscuits, and so on. Hand out prizes to people who have made the most number of correct guesses.