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Explore this article and browse through the sections to know about various Halloween costumes categories that are there. Happy Masquerading!

Halloween Costumes

Given the slightest chance to dress up as their favorite characters, people will grab the opportunity like a pack of hungry wolves. And that is what they did with the Halloween holiday, which was not known for dressing up as popular characters until the timeline reached 15th century. It was around that time that the tradition of dressing up in different costumes and going on trick-or-treating emerged out of Christian customs. The ancestors of Halloween costumes at that time till the early 20th century were prepared at homes and emphasized the pagan and gothic nature of the Halloween (something that is emphasized till date). It was in the 1930s that Halloween and trick-or-treating began to popularize in North America, leading to the mass production of Halloween costumes for sale in stores.

Today, with the advent of global media coverage and television audience, there are a lot of costume categories that are available in the market, with the majority mimicking the supernatural and the scary beings like vampires, ghosts, witches, devils, and skeletons etc. Apart from the spooky stuff, many costumes of the pop culture figures like the presidents, celebrities; and film & television characters including the extra terrestrials and the superheroes are also selling like hot cakes on every Halloween. This 31st October, you too be a part of the Halloween fun and go trick-or-treating around the community, masquerading as your favorite character. Explore this section and get to know about all the Halloween costumes categories that are there and choose your favorite one. "Knock Knock... Trick-or-treat?"