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Go through this article on Movie Character Halloween Costumes and decide which one you're going to be this coming Halloween.

Movie Character Halloween Costumes

For long, the movies have been entertaining and affecting the audiences around the globe. And for long, people have been using the movies as a base to dress up as their favorite characters. It's because once a movie is out and is a universal hit, people can get into a costume without other people going "what the hell did you go into?" Meaning that, nothing makes a character click and stick in the mind of the audiences better than movies. And thanks to the movie makers from Hollywood, the fans of the Halloween have been able to come up with recognizable and appreciable characters dresses on the night of the Halloween. Whether it's superheroes, super villains, cartoon characters, animation characters, or characters from the fantasy worlds; everything works. So what is it that will click for you this Halloween? Don't know yet? Worry not, go through the section below to get some ideas about the popular movie character Halloween costumes. However, it's not an exhaustive list of movie characters for there are hundreds of them and you can find one almost quite easily. Nonetheless keep on reading to a gist of it.

Movie Character Halloween Costume Ideas

The Joker Costume

With this Joker costume from the movie the Dark Knight's joker, turn into the most horrifying villain ever to scare the living hell out of audience with his composure while playing psychotic games with the people of Gotham. It includes a long purple jacket, grey shirt, pin stripe pants, green button down vest, joker costume tie, purple vinyl gloves, green synthetic hair wig, and joker makeup kit. Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face! Ha ha ha...

Gandalf Costume
A wizard is never late, nor is he early! He arrives precisely when he means to! And when it's a wizard of Gandalf's stature, loved and feared by the inhabitants of middle earth, the opportunity should be grasped with open hands. The costume includes a gray colored wizard robe with baggy sleeves, narrow silver belt, costume wizard hat, tan colored satchel, and beard and wig. Add a wizard staff for complete look.

Hellboy Costume
Fight the supernatural forces unleashed from hell while having a go at your colleagues with straight-face-heavy-voice wit for which the Hellboy is loved the most by the fans. The costume includes vinyl headpiece, vinyl Hellboy costume jacket with false shirt, EVA glove, and make-up kit to turn you into hellish red. The large Hellboy hand and arm can be purchased separately and will authenticate the look. Hold a fake cigar for extra effect.

Lord Voldemort Costume
"He who should not be named" may have died on the silver screen but you can keep him alive and take forward his legacy, albeit for a night, the Halloween night. The costume includes a black colored floor length polyester robe that slips over the head, allowing for an easy wear, and a flesh colored latex mask with purple and blue veins. Hold a wand to complete the look. Prepare to move out of Hogwarts to create scary sensations in the Muggle world.

Optimus Prime Costume
Be the brave, wise, powerful, and compassionate leader of the Autobots (heroic transformers) and save the earth from the evil of Decepticons (villainous transformers). The costume includes a polyester made jumpsuit with machine like design all over it, and a character mask and chest piece made of plastic. An Optimus Prime toy gun (sold separately) will further promote the look. It's you and the Megatron, fight!

Princess Fiona Costume
Play the new age fairy tale character created by the DreamWorks Animation Studio, Princess Fiona, from the kingdom of Far Far Away. The costume includes a forest green colored princess gown with rich gold accents around the waist and the sleeves, puffy shoulders remindful of the renaissance era, a royal golden tiara, green ogre costume ears, and a red haired wig.