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For a unique and classic Halloween costume, gangland is an ideal theme. Surf through this piece for ideas on gangster Halloween costumes.

Gangster Halloween Costumes

If you've been nicknamed as the Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, or Enoch Johnson of your group, Halloween is the perfect time to become a real gangster and show your bad side through an authentic and unique gangster costume. Though Halloween is a time for monsters, villains, and skeletons, why not cross the line this season by ruling the criminal world as well as the Halloween night. Since you've touted as the 'reel' gangster, this day is the best occasion to become a real don in one of those stylish, sophisticated, classy, or even sexy outfits. The popularity of underworld costumes is at its peak, just like the rise of gangsters in the 1920s. Revive that swinging era in mobster ensembles, boasting of pinstriped suits, fedora hats, replica tommy guns, and much more, to fit perfectly into the crime spree. Given here are some ideas for gangster costumes for Halloween that will let you step out of the 1920s city streets.

Gangster Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Pin Stripe Gangster Costume

Rock the next Halloween party and become the next Al Capone in a pin stripe gangster outfit. Pick up a dual-breasted, classical pinstriped gangster coat with four buttons and two faux pockets. Team it up with matching pinstriped pants to perfect the look of the suit. Add a white shirt, black necktie, black gangster hat, black gangster shoes, and a toy gun to enter the gangland.

Red Gangster Costume
Step into the typical yet unique gangster appearance in a red zoot suit costume. The costume features a red jacket and pants with black pinstripes. The jacket contains black buttons up the front for closure, while the pants have suspenders for comfort. Add on a black shirt, white gangster tie, gangster shoes, and zoot suit gangster hat to complete the look.

Cool Gangsta Dude Costume
Leave aside the traditional stylish look and angry appearance of a gangster and switch to a cool dude version of the same. A gangster white shirt with an attached black pin striped vest, along with matching black pants make a great choice. The black neck tie and black gangster hat with the dollar sign, and coordinating black shoes let you present your lighter side of the gangster.

For Women

Ms. Gangster Costume

Let the guests at the Halloween party swoon over you when you walk down in sexy and stylish Ms. Gangster costume. Rule the party in a black tank style side slit mini dress, which pink highlights at the waist and neck. Pair the outfit with a black gangster hat, pink neck tie, and gun holster to perfect the look.

Pink Gangster Costume
The blacks and the whites are for typical goons and mafias. Become a stylish yet motivating gangster in a pink costume. The pink pinstriped coat and pants serve as the first step to become a classy and trendy female goon. The black buttons on the coat front give it a sophisticated look. Perfect your ensemble with a black gangster hat and a matching pink tie featuring a gold-colored dollar sign to be tied around the neck with a ribbon.

Classy Gangster Costume
Get ready to step out of the town and become a feminine mobster in a classy gangster costume, that's designed just for you. The jet black pencil skirt with contrast lace up detailing at the rear, teamed up with a black and white striped blouse will let you get into the soul of the character. The blouse is further enhanced with button cuff sleeves and a low cup 'V' neckline. Along with a black gangster hat and black fingerless gloves, you are all set to rock the gangland.