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Halloween is the best time to impersonate your favorite celebrities! And Marilyn Monroe is your personal favorite then go through this article on Marilyn Monroe Halloween costumes.

Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costumes

Norma Jeane Baker, better known as Marilyn Monroe, was an American actress, singer, and model. A starry-eyed iconic sex symbol, to be more precise! Her performances in films like "The Asphalt Jungle", "All about Eve", and "Bus Stop" etc, the classic air-vent-skirt-scene from the movie "The Seven Year Itch", and tumultuous married life made her the most talked-about figures in the tinsel town and outside. All the more reason why her look makes for one vintage yet sexy Halloween costume; frequently in demand every season! If you're wondering apart from the white dress from the Seven Year Itch scene, what variations could be brought to the Marilyn Monroe look; there are a handful from that will make the elegancy of the 1950s come alive. Keep on reading to get ideas on Marilyn Monroe costumes for the upcoming Halloween night.

Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costume Ideas

Marilyn Monroe White Dress Costume

The classic costume from the movie "The Seven Year Itch" that made Marilyn Monroe an icon is here. The costume is polyester made one piece white colored gown with folded skirt floats and waves. Add ons such as Marilyn Monroe wig and bracelet will complete the iconic look of the star herself.

Marilyn Monroe Fancy Dress Costume
Let everyone know that you've got a class and it'll not be tampered by being some foul walking dead creature. The costume is light weight polyester made white gown with the top part having two layers of material for extra coverage and lowers into a v-neck. Pick up a Marilyn Monroe wig and bracelet to enhance the look.

Cute Marilyn Monroe Costume
If you find the white Marilyn Monroe dresses too cliched then this costume is just for you. It includes a pink strapless floor ankle length dress made of satin, elbow length gloves, belt with detachable bow and a jewel piece in the front centre. Complete the look with a Marilyn Monroe style wig, bracelet, rhinestone jewelry, and eyelashes.

Deluxe Marilyn Monroe Costume
This costume is a slightly elongated version of the first dress but looks equally dazzling. It includes a polyester made white colored gown that ties behind the neck and the bottom part of the dress forming wave like design on your every movement. Accessorize with Marilyn Monroe style wig, bracelet, long white gloves, and white feather boa to authenticate the look.

Platinum Marilyn Monroe Costume
People will know you're a star when you walk among them in this costume that includes a floor length sequined silver lined dress with a zipper back, and the white shoulder shawl. Wig and jewelry (not included in the costume) will add a sparkling personality to the already iconic look.