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Make disco come alive with these funky and stylish disco costumes for the Halloween! Explore this article on Disco Halloween costume to know more about what costumes are available.

Disco Halloween Costumes

Just because it's Halloween, doesn't mean you can't shake a leg, or rock the floor, or get into the groove. Point being, if you got it, flaunt it! In this case, your dance moves. Why hold yourself back when you can be much more flamboyant with dance around. If you're looking for slightly unorthodox, meaning non-scary and non-creepy Halloween costumes that will allow you to showcase your dancing skills rather than tying them down; you don't need to do much but take the time machine a few decades back when disco was on the rise and was one of the hippest things to do. The costumes are available, mostly for adult men and women, in all shapes and sizes, along with the accessories that will have you looking like you just emerged from the 60s or 70s. Read the next section to get a few ideas on disco costumes for Halloween. See if you can master the art of disco!

Disco Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Saturday Night Fever Disco Costume

Infuse life-like energy into the Saturday night disco party with this costume that includes a white suit jacket with black buttons and wide lapels, matching pants and a vest with an attached black shirt collar. Match it up with black boots and if you want to, wear an afro wig to take the look a notch higher. Pair up with your disco girl and get ready to rock the dance floor.

70s Leisure Suit Disco Costume
Get back to the 70s era of disco dancing with this costume that includes a tan, sleeveless shirt; long sleeve jacket that features printed pattern of tan, brown, red and orange checkered patchwork; and a pair of matching pants with an elastic waist completes this classy outfit. Wear an afro style wig and moustache for extra effect. Don't forget to show off 70s style attitude.

Retro Disco Hippie Costume
It will be your job to set the ball rolling with this retro disco hippie costume that includes a psychedelic hippie shirt with colorful yellow, green, pink and red patterns; pair of shiny purple bell bottoms with an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit; and a headband that matches the shirt. Accessorize with purple feather boa, purple fade glasses, and a guitar prop or a real one if you know how to play.

Disco King Costume
With this costume, you'll not only be the king of the disco Halloween night, but also the king of the disco queen. The costume includes includes the 70's inspired poly vest with attached shirt and matching pants. Accessorize with disco fever gold medallion and piano tie to further disco-fy the look. Pair up with your disco queen, and give dancing orders to rest of the disco gang.

For Women

Disco Queen Costume

A shake of leg to the rhythm and the crowd will be cheering for you, because you'll be the queen of the disco cum Halloween night. The costume features a sexy disco dress in a fancy pink and purple pattern with an angled keyhole neck and bell sleeves with funky trim, and matching hair band. Wear knee-high white colored boots for a complete makeover.

Foxy Lady Disco Costume
The party will come alive with this foxy lady costume that includes the jumpsuit in shiny lame fabric with a purple halter neckline, spink and gold body and metallic reflective purple extreme flares, the gold link belt and a matching head scarf. Wear a discopuff wig to authenticate the look. The party maniacs will be going gaga over your dance moves.

Disco Diva Costume
With this costume that includes the mini dress in a silver iridescent, psychedelic lame, black and white ring belt and the matching headband; transform into a disco dancing diva and have the men dance to your tune. To further promote this classily sensuous costume, don on a blonde wig, necklace, and white colored boot tops. There'll be no stopping you now!

Disco Dynamite Costume
Blow away the dance floor and the fellow disco dancers by slipping on this disco dynamite costume that includes a red one-shoulder dress with a sparkling sequin draped collar and the belt with a ruffled rosette embellishment. Wear red colored spike heel shoes and accessorize with classy disco ball glasses to further authenticate the look. Pair up with your disco guy and set the dynamite running!