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Sometimes going back to what has gone by is the best approach to dress up, especially when it's Halloween. Go through this article on 1950s Halloween costumes and rekindle the flame of nostalgia.

50s Halloween Costumes

The constant craving to revisit the good old days that have passed by never seems to get over. Halloween too, just like many other things, has gotten quite a favorable liking towards setting the time machine to 60 years ago. And there's more than the "looking fancy or neat than others" reason for the 1950s Halloween costumes to be a hit among the fans of the festival. It's because the costumes of the retro period are easy to put together, easy to recognize and relate, and make many nostalgic of the vibrant pop culture that existed in those days. The tradition of donning a look same as people did in that culture continues to be in demand till now and is only on the increase. This Halloween, if you too want to turn retro then there are a lot of costume ideas that are there, some stereotype but popular nonetheless, and some unique. Go through the list below to get a few ideas for 1950s Halloween costumes. Choose the one you like and visit the nearest store or shop online.

1950 Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Greaser Costume

Kick it old school with the Greaser black leather jacket from the classic musical hit movie "Grease". Although common, it is a popular Halloween dress-up option and nicely brings out the 50s persona, especially with slicked back hair and a bell bottom pair of jean. The jacket has high quality zips in the front for closure and working pockets on the sides.

Old Time Baseball Player
The baseball costume from the mid 50s is another Halloween dress-up option towards which people have tremendous inclination. To give a complete look, don a shirt with pin stripe design with a baseball patch and pin stripe pants with a belt. Complete the attire with a baseball cap and shoes. Don't forget to pick up a baseball bat prop and move out on the streets. Swing the bat away (not at anyone) and enjoy a sporty Halloween.

Elvis Presley Costume
Elvis may have left the architecturally marvelous buildings, but this Halloween you can definitely bring him back on the stage by slipping into his rock star attire of white polyester jumpsuit and bellbottom pants. To bring out the charming Elvis flair, accessorize with Elvis glasses and wig. And for even more heightened effect, hold a mike prop, twitch your upper lip up, and get into the groove.

Prom King Costume
Relive the moments with the vintage prom king costume that will have you transported back to the prom you once attended. And even if you weren't the prom king then, you will definitely get to play the king now. It'll be your night! Set the real or proverbial dance floor on fire! The full costume includes a blue jacket, pants, cummerbund, bow tie, and a shirt up front.

For Women

Poodle Skirt Costume

The poodle skirt is pitch perfect for grown up women looking to wear a costume that truly reflects the fashion statement of the fifties. The costume is basically one bog circle of fabric with an applique or two and comes in many colors such as blue, pink, fuchsia, and green etc. Accessories such as poodle socks, saddle shoes, poodle scarf, and poodle purse are also available to complete this vintage look.

Marilyn Monroe Costume
Marilyn Monroe - this American actress, singer, and model, is one starry icon adored by millions, still. This Halloween, dress up like she did in the classic film "Seven Year Itch". The dress is comprised of a satin gown, belt with jeweled buckle, and elbow length gloves. Wear a starlet wig to complete the brilliantly sparkling look.

Bowling Dress Costume
The bowling dress costume is another style that refuses to go out, but is becoming even more popular among the retro fans of Halloween. Most of the dresses come with attached waist ties for adjustable fitting. To complete the look, a matching pair of pants with the color of the shirt will up your fashion statement for Halloween.

Housewife Costume
Dressing up like the housewives of the 50s era is a traditional yet fun alternative to dressing up like any of the above and more. It's a one piece style dress with white polka dots, matching crinoline, and a 50s style belt.

As far as kids are concerned, the smaller versions of all of the costumes mentioned above and more like jukebox costume, Barbie costume, and sock hop costumes are available in the market.