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Get ready for a storybook adventure with Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes. Explore costume ideas on this popular fable for Halloween.

Alice In Wonderland Halloween Costumes

The classic tale of Alice in Wonderland has been read and watched by almost everyone. It is a story of a bored girl who follows a rabbit through a burrow and finds herself in a different world, discovering things beyond her imagination. How about bringing alive this interesting fable through Halloween costume theme! The live-action pop-up book can be a delight for anyone who loves adventures. Bring out your favorite Alice in Wonderland character to life with an array of traditional and trendy costumes, designed especially for Halloween. Plus, the tons of accessories available add more drama and effects to the entire look. Right from conservative classic Alice attire to a flirty Mad Hatter, the options are aplenty. Take a look at the various costume alternatives that you can sport at your next Halloween party, while sticking to the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Alice In Wonderland Costume Ideas For Halloween


When it comes to donning the role of Alice, the little girl, you have two choices - you can either be true to the character in the story or go for a sexier version. To stick to the story, you'll need a flowing long light blue dress, with an attached petticoat, black button details, and white lace trim along the hem. White boots, blonde wig, and striped glovettes add to the beauty of the traditional dress. On the other hand, get heads turning at the party in a sexy version of the Alice in wonderland outfit. A mini light blue dress with an attached white apron and white lace trims on the top and bottom of the apron will make everyone talking about you. A satin white ribbon sewn to the dress at the waist will add a whimsical touch, while knee-high white stockings with attached black bows, and a plush clock purse will complete the outfit.

Mad Hatter
Become a mad host at the Halloween party in a crazy cool costume of the legendary character of this popular fable, Mad Hatter. This zany character can be an inspiration for men, women, and kids alike. A collared pink shirt with white lace cuffs, a green plaid vest attached to the shirt, coupled with a faux velvet brown leather overcoat with an oversized collar, dark purple pinstriped pair of cropped pants with floral embroidery, and a pair of socks - one orange and one purple, is an ideal kooky costume to flaunt. Brings out the true zany Mad Hatter within you to become the life of the tea party this Halloween! For a sexy and classy Mad Hatter costume, a short mini dress with an emerald green skirt, boasting of two black bows, gold buttons and accents running down the middle, and a large bow in the center of the chest is a must-have. Complement the dress with a matching headpiece in the shape of a teacup with a gold ruffle and white cloth.

Queen of Hearts
To rule the world of Wonderland, dress up as the Queen of Hearts at your next Halloween bash. You can either slip into a classic dress or a sexy outfit. For a typical and elite costume, a theater-quality gown with a stand-up collar is ideal to exhibit this elegant character. The dress is embellished with black and white checkered torso accented with a red heart, white lace cuffs lining the long black sleeves, and floor-length tulle petticoat in red and gold. Along with black choker with a heart jewel, and gold and red sequined crown headband, the costume is perfect for a royal presentation. Get all the hunks drool over as you pass by them clad in a sexy Queen of Hearts costume, instead. A black, white, and red short dress, beautified by a pleated trim and heart embellishments, make a perfect ensemble to sport. Pair the costume with a tiered train, detachable bow at the back, regal gold crown, sexy fishnet stockings, and red or black heels to deem the outfit complete.

King of Hearts
Live a life of a king for a day in a King of Hearts costume! Blend well with the Alice in Wonderland group with this elegant and sophisticated character. The elite costume should comprise of a black tunic, featuring two gold squares embellished with a gold vine pattern and a black and white checkered pattern along the bottom. A red oversized coat trimmed in white faux fur with long sleeves, white sash lined in gold trim, and matching red crown with plush gold accents complete the exclusive royal costume.

Cheshire Cat
Transform into the whimsical and sly cat this Halloween in a Cheshire Cat costume. Be it a traditional men's Cheshire Cat attire or sexy Cheshire Cat costume for women, this character can be donned by everyone. Get a pink and purple striped dress, with the chest and center of the torso being solid purple and enhanced with pink faux fur trim at the neckline. The attached striped tail at the back with a large bow on the top, a matching shrug with pink faux fur trim, matching fingerless gloves, and matching thigh high stockings with hot pin bows at the top complete the look. A purple and pink striped jumpsuit with an attached plush tail can be picked up by men to justify this crafty character. A matching headpiece, and furry mittens and tie-on shoe covers will have people gluing their eyes on you.