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Close the drapes of your window and move out for a fun Halloween night! Go through this article on plus size Halloween costumes to know more.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Halloween, along with trick-or-treating, is also a time when people let go of the inhibitions and dress up as various characters and get blown away by celebrations. There is almost nothing that you can't expect to see on a Halloween night: zombies chasing after superheroes, history talking to the present, psychopaths being butchered by giant babies, and so on. All in mockery of course, but a damn good one out of which tons of fun is to be had. And you don't just have to stand by the window and peek through it to see it all take place on the streets; you can be a part of it, even if you're a little overweight. There are a lot of costumes from almost every category that will serve to your dressing up needs as they are also available in plus sizes, specially made to fit you with perfection. Read the following lines to get a few ideas on plus sizes Halloween costumes.

Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Mad Hatter Costume

Nobody could have portrayed Mad Hatter in the maddest way possible as did Johnny Depp in 2010 Alice In Wonderland remake. This Halloween you too can get into the skin of character by wearing the Mad Hatter costume. The costume includes a velvet jacket with gold buttons down the front, plaid pants with elastic waist, black polyester ascot with gold button pin, ivory colored shirt, and the mad hatter hat with attached wig. Help Alice defeat the red queen.

Mauled Zombie Costume
The zombie look is definitely in and has many turn into these gut eating cannibals, every Halloween. And this mauled zombie look further adds a menacing personality to the already dead creatures. The costume includes shirt and pants with sewn in body parts over the chest and arms, and on thighs respectively. Zombie gloves and character mask with attached wig and slits are also bundled with the costume. You got mauled, now you maraud!

Gangster Costume
People will have much to fear when you quietly walk among them dashingly dressed up and with a Tommy gun. Polyester made double breasted pin stripe with faux pockets on each side, matching pants with elastic waist, and a black tie are provided in the costume kit. A gangster hat, dummy Tommy gun made of plastic, and gangster shoes in black and white can be purchased separately.

Vampiress Costume
Your search for human blood is over now that the vampiress costume is here. The costume includes a long red and black full length gown with layers of black lace around the sleeves, large stand up collar and ribbon trim, and a black velvet choker with a red gem in the center. Add ons like vampiress wig, vampiress necklace, knee high Victorian boots, and fake fangs will further endorse the look. Bring out your blood sucking dark side out in the open!

Wonder Woman Costume
Let justice be brought upon the trouble makers of Halloween night, for the Wonder Woman is here! This Halloween, transform into Wonder Woman with this costume that includes a red velvet top with the Wonder Woman logo in the center, star spotted blue and white miniskirt, gold foam belt, red and white striped boot tops, red cape, and silver gauntlets made of foam.

Cleopatra Costume
Become the last pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, one of the most renowned and intriguing historical figures. The costume includes a flowing white dress with cap sleeves, decorative belt with front drape, matching Egyptian collar, Cleopatra style headpiece with beaded detail, and green cape with attached cuffs. The look is incredibly eye catching and will definitely make you center of attention.