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Colonial costumes remind you of the past popular time and famous era flashback. Browse this article for historical Halloween costume ideas.

Colonial Halloween Costumes

Has patriotism been an inspiration for you always? Need to show out your loyalty and devotion for your country? Well, when Halloween is round the corner, you have the right opportunity to be yourself and show out your true self. Especially with costume themed parties at Halloween, searching and finding the right ensemble usually proves to be daunting and confusing. Nevertheless, when you've been bitten by a certain bug, you do not have to go further, as you know what exactly you need to do. Now that history and colonialism has bitten and doesn't seem to make an exit, why not display the same love and respect at the Halloween party also? With a wide array of colonial costumes available for men, women, and kids, exhibit your true feelings for your nation. Check out the various costume ideas found for a colonial themed Halloween party.

Historical Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men
  • Needless to say, Uncle Sam costume is the president of all patriotic outfits. To step into this classic historical Halloween costume, pick up a pair of red and white striped pants and pair it with a white shirt attached with red and white striped bow tie, royal blue coat with tails, and top hat with stars and stripes. Complete the grand look by adding on a white colonial wig and Uncle Sam beard.
  • President George Washington was a man of pride and respect. Bring back that majestic era in an exclusive George Washington costume by selecting a deluxe long jacket featuring white ruffled cuffs, antique brass buttons, and fancy gold trim. Attached with a long dark red vest and lacy white jabot, the jacket lets the royalty in you reveal out. Complete the outfit with black pants and George Washington mask with molded white hair.
  • To become the life of the party, a bright and gaudy British redcoat costume should be on your list. A bright, deep red coat accented in gold makes an ideal choice for depicting such a look. To perfect the British effect, additional accessories, such as tri-corner hat, boot covers, and a classical white wig are essential.
  • Nothing can be more majestic than an authentic colonial costume. The three quarter length jacket, a vibrant vest, and matching britches let you step back into the colonial era. Add white cuffs, white jabot, tri-corner hat, colonial wig, and colonial shoes for that perfect ensemble.
For Women
  • Turn into a patriotic symbol with a Miss Liberty costume. Dress yourself in a light green velvet Statue of Liberty costume, attached with a drape. The latex headpiece and Lady Liberty torch completes the attire and lets you reveal your patriotism for your country.
  • The prairies of South America were known for style, elegance, adventure, and bravery. Get your own prairie lady costume and transform yourself into one of those elegant ladies of the older times. A full-length dress with attractive white lace trim around the knees, sleeve cuffs, and torso makes a perfect costume for personifying that era. Add on a matching bonnet with pretty white lace trims to stand out among the crowd.
  • Put on a poly and cotton dress with an attached apron and headpiece to become of the female pilgrims of the older times. A white colonial lady wig, round eyeglasses, and white bonnet hat add to the authenticity of the ensemble.
  • The royalty and grandiosity of the monarchs of the Tudor Dynasty was highly renowned. Queen Elizabeth was just one of them. Revive the same epoch this Halloween dressed up as this majestic queen in a gold and silver overflowing royal gown, paired up with detachable collar, Tudor petticoat, golden wig, crown, and royal scepter.
For Kids
  • Travel back centuries to the revolutionary days with an authentic colonial outfit that features a pair of brown knee length trousers, a brown vest with cream frilly attached sleeves, and matching cream jabot. Along with a colonial hat, gold or silver buckles attached to the shoes, swashbuckler pistol, and clear, round eye spectacles, history is bound to repeat itself.
  • Student of electricity, water, creator of bi-focals, and lots more, Benjamin Franklin was one legend who made numerous inventions. Let your child feel special on Halloween dressed in a Ben Franklin ensemble, which consists of a burgundy jacket with attached vest, cuffs, and jabot. Coupled with burgundy knickers, tri-corn hat, and colonial style shoe covers, your child is sure to look a young Ben Franklin at work. White gloves, long white socks, and a pair of clear, round eyeglasses will make great additions.
  • Let your girl child return back to the 18th century America, clad in an authentic colonial outfit. Pick up a traditional brown colonial dress, enhanced by lace-trimmed sleeves. A matching bonnet and apron will complete this historical attire to perfection.
  • The very First Lady of America, Martha Washington makes a great choice for a colonial themed Halloween party. Transform your child into a young Martha Washington in a colonial-style blue dress, featuring a cross laced bodice top and ruffle collar, completed with an elbow-length white ruffled bell sleeves and an ankle length skirt. Add on a white wig and round eyeglasses to perfect the costume.