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Are you thinking of a weird yet cute idea for Halloween costume? Try wearing the color blue & rock the party as a Smurf. For more ideas, read on.

Smurf Halloween Costume

Little blue creatures with tiny white boots and hats always have a special corner in the fantasy world. Smurfs are always liked by everyone be it a kid or an adult. Apart from the costume, the idea of getting dressed as a Smurf at a Halloween party tickles the child inside you, making it a "Smurfin' awesome idea". If only you are satisfied by the statistics let us tell you that "The Smurfs" movie which was released recently has already got more than three million Facebook fans. Kids and adults love and adore Smurfs alike. With Smurfs as the theme, you can have access to plenty of options for the Halloween extravaganza. Be it the Papa Smurf or baby Smurf or the golden girl, the choice are wide and varied. In the following lines, we have provided options for you to pick a dress that best suits you and get Smurfin'.

Smurf Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men
  • For looking Smurfin’ hot and having a Smurfalicious time as a cool blue cartoon character, get yourself dyed or painted in color blue. The rest depends on the detailing of the ensemble you will be wearing. The bright blue Smurf attire will include a blue colored shirt, matching mittens, white pants, shoe covers and a character headpiece. To add further character to your Smurfs costume, a small blue Smurfing Tail at the back of your Smurfy white pants would be a great idea to adopt. You can also add the Wizard glasses to the attire if you want to look like the Wizard Smurf.
  • Are you in a search for Smurfy attire which will hide you from Gargamel this Halloween? Then the perfect costume which will not give your identity away is the Papa Smurf costume. This Smurftastic costume concoction features a jumpsuit with a turquoise top and crimson pant, and the crimson hat with attached white beard of the venerable village elder, Papa Smurf! You can also get a Papa Smurf mask to complete the detailing of the ensemble.
  • Are you bored of playing the good guy? Are your subordinates planning to come to the party dressed as the Smurfs? Then there is no better way to scare the guts out of them apart from going to the party as Gargamel, the evil Sorcerer of the Smurfs World. This great costume includes a soft full body black romper with red feet and a Gargamel headpiece with hair. To add on to the effect of the costume, you can borrow your neighbor’s cat too.
For Women & Children
  • Though there are not many choices for girls to dress up, who wouldn’t like to dress up as the golden girl of the Smurfs Village? You ought to turn some heads when you will enter the party dressed as a sassy Smurfette. This cute character's costume includes a white dress featuring oval accents and attached blue sleeves, blue pants and a white Smurf hat. The ensemble can be completed with a pair of blue mittens, white pump shoes and a golden Smurfette wig.
  • If you are planning a Halloween party at your place, then how can your newborn be kept out of the party spirit? Dress it up as a little baby Smurf which will make your bundle of joy even cuter. This great costume includes a soft blue and white bunting that features a fabric fastener, and an incredibly cute Smurf hat.