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Why should humans have all the fun? Let your pet animals in on the fun too with these cutesy little Pet Halloween costumes. You'll want to never take them off your pet!

Pet Halloween Costumes

When the whole family and group of friends are out celebrating the Halloween night by dressed up as various preferable characters, why should pets be left behind? So this halloween, make it a point not to leave your pets at home or lock them in a room while you merrily enjoy a get together in the adjoining living room area. But, have your pets all dressed up in funny halloween costumes specially designed for them in various sizes such as x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large; depending on the type and breed of the pet. Also, let your guests bring their pets along so that they too can have a halloween pet-together, oops, get together of their own. Don't miss the chance of having to adore these cutely dressed pets messing around with each other and make a purchase now. The next section will provide some ideas regarding pet halloween costumes so make sure to give it a read.

Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Superdog Costume

Dog of Steel! Turn your dog into Superdog with this Superman costume that includes a blue chest piece with the Superman "S" logo on the front and a polyester red cape with a yellow "S" on the back and a yellow foam belt. The villainous pets of neighborhood will have much to fear now that your flying dog is in the picture.

Batdog Costume
Not as creepy as the name suggests, and definitely a worthy crime fighter of the Gotham city of costume for your pet dog. The costume is kept at minimum basics, not troubling your pet in any way. It includes a bat-ear headpiece that ties itself around your dog's neck via Velcro and a set of bat wings with a 22-inch wingspan attached with help of two elastic straps.

Raptor Pet Costume
Turn your precious little doggy into the ferocious man eating velociraptor dinosaur that starred in the famous Jurassic park movie from Steven Spielberg. The costume features a detailed bodysuit with an exterior that is patterned exactly like the skin of raptor. The costume has been neatly designed to easily fit on the dog with its front legs slide into the raptor legs. Features like raptor eyes, nostrils, and upper canine teeth have been provided on the costume.

Hot Dog Costume
This is one hilarious Halloween costume for your dog, converting it from a mere dog to a delicious looking hot dog. It is a clothed costume with a hook and a loop and adjustable closures. The costume is a comfortable wear for your dog and will have other doggies running after it. Probably some ghoulish dressers of the Halloween too!

Darth Vader Pet Costume
The dark dog of the Sith! Transform your dog into one of the most famous villainous characters in the movie history, Darth Vader from Star Wars - the Dark Lord of the Sith. The costume includes a printed jumpsuit with attached padded arms, black cape with belt, and Darth Vader style helmet.

Tin Dog Costume
With this tin dog costume, transform your little doggy into a tin dog, as in the Tin man from yet another classic movie The Wizard of Oz. the costume is polyester made jumpsuit with metallic silver appearance. The front end of the costume has leg openings to fit into the the dog's front feet, and funnel shaped hat with elastic strap. Looking from the front, your dog will appear exactly as the Tin man, rather, Tin dog.