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Spend this Halloween arcade style with these old school costumes of the famous Mario brothers, Mario and Luigi. Browse this article to know more about the costumes.

Mario and Luigi Halloween Costumes

Princess Peach has been kidnapped and it's up to you to save her from the dungeon of King Koopa aka Bowser. But don't worry; your brother will be there to help you along the quest. Sounds familiar in any way? If you're a gaming fan then it would be crystal clear to you that we're talking about the famous gaming characters: Mario, an Italian American plumber and his brother Luigi. Together they defeat creatures coming out of from the sewers below New York. To those who're unaware, these two brothers are the characters from an arcade game published and developed by Nintendo in 1983. Since then, many versions of game, featuring the same characters and more, have been developed and selling highly across the world. This Halloween, you can bring these characters to life by simply, being them, courtesy Mario and Luigi costumes that are available in all sizes. A whole group of friends dressed up as various characters will be much more fun than just you playing a character. Go through the costume ideas below and decide who wants to be whom.

Mario and Luigi Halloween Costume Ideas

Super Mario Costume

Turn into one of the most loved video game character in the history of gaming created by Nintendo, Mario. The costume includes red and blue colored jumpsuit with an inflatable belly and yellow buttons on the straps, a red hat with Mario's signature logo in front, white gloves, and faux moustache. Go on a quest to save Princess Peach!

Super Luigi Costume
Team up with your brother Mario, run through the mushroom kingdom while stomping on toads and turtles, and help him rescue Princess Peach from the clinches of Bowser. The costume includes a green and blue colored jumpsuit with an inflatable belly and yellow buttons on the straps, a green hat with Luigi's logo in front, and a faux moustache.

Wario Costume
Wario is the mirror image of Mario, and he's bad! He's the second villain in picture, first one being Bowser. You can turn into Wario by slipping on his costume that includes a purple and yellow colored jumpsuit with an inflatable belly and white buttons on the straps, a yellow hat with Wario's logo "W" in front, white gloves with "W" logo, and lightning bolt like faux moustache.

Waluigi Costume
Waluigi to Luigi is what Wario is to Mario and has been creating mischief in Mario brothers' lives for more than a decade. The costume includes a royal blue and purple colored jumpsuit with yellow buttons on the straps, a purple hat with Waluigi's logo - an inverted "L" in front, white gloves with an inverted "L" logo, and pointed moustache. Give Mario brothers a hard time this Halloween.

Princess Peach Costume
Turn into Princess Peach with this costume that includes a polyester made pink dress with puffy short sleeves and a dark pink collar, a gold crown made of foam with jewels imprints, and white elbow length gloves. Red or white shoes with hells will look great with the costume. Let Mario come to your rescue!