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Go through this article on Cavemen Halloween Costumes and teleport yourself to the earliest times when the world was inhabited by cave dwellers!

Caveman Halloween Costumes

One of the joys that cavemen from the primeval times had is that they could go, at will, totally berserk without having to worry about the society's behavioral code of conduct, because there wasn't any. This Halloween, you can have the phoenix rise from the ashes by bringing back the cavemen into the 21st century, via cavemen costumes. It'll let you have a gala of unrestricted fun time although; don't go for hunting out on the open streets or anywhere else for that matter if you want to avoid being hunted in return. What's more, even personal grooming and hygiene can go out the window. While men can look their macho best, women too can look their suavely best in these costumes. To get into this look, all you need to do is go for shopping at the nearest Halloween costume store or shop online. But before you do that, go through the lines below to get some ideas on cavemen costumes for Halloween.

Cavemen Halloween Costume Ideas

King of Caves Costume

Be the leader of the cavemen clan by dressing up like a king! The costume consists of a brown faux mink fur wrap vest, a pair of brown faux mink fur boot top, tiger print shorts, a pleather with large white bone, a tiger print headband, wristbands, necklace, and a few others accessories like a club that can be purchased separately. Wear the full costume, hold the club, and walk around the streets mumbling total gibberish for fun.

Cavemen Stud Costume
Doesn't matter if you don't get to be the king of the cave people, for the cavemen stud costume will make you look like "The Dude" from the prehistoric times, driving the cave chicks to madness. The costume includes a single shouldered tunic with leopard like print, and a belt. The cavemen wig, saber tooth necklace, club, and sandals can be bought separately. Also, don't forget to wear an attitude of knowing that you are among the handsomest of cave studs.

Mad Ape Costume
Had enough of the heroes? Turn into one super pissed off anti-hero by donning an adult mad ape gorilla costume and chasing people off the streets with your mighty growl. It includes a gorilla jumpsuit with leopard skin covering, an oversized latex gorilla mask, and arm/hand extensions. Don't forget to thump your chest every few minutes and let others know of your villainous presence.

Cro-Magnon Caveman Costume
Bring out your primitive side with the Cro-Magnon Cavemen costume. It consists of an inflatable costume that fits to most men, a tunic, leopard printed drape, a large vinyl mask that opens at the back with wide elastic band to help hold on to the head, and fur cuffs and fur shin covers. The cavemen club is bought separately. And once in the costume, grunting and mumbling in harsh voice becomes mandatory!

Cavewoman Costume
Why should women be left behind in the prehistoric Halloween fun? With the cavewoman costume, they too can join in the celebrations. The costume is pretty much the same as the cavemen stud costume, only that it is made to fit a woman. It consists of a leopard printed faux fur dress with a leather corset. For comfortable fit, elastic on the back of the top hemline as well as the back of the waist is provided in the dress.

Voodoo Priestess Costume
Be the priestess of the prehistoric generation by slipping into the voodoo priestess costume. It is a sure shot hit among the women and attracts a lot of glances from the folks. The costume includes a dress with a drape hanging in the front, a headpiece, a bone belt, and arm bands. Cavewoman wig and shoes can be purchased separately.

Baby/Child Costumes
Miniature sized costumes of prehistoric dinosaurs are also available so that the little ones also have as much fun as the grownups. Apart from the animal costumes, some places also make smaller sized versions of the above mentioned costumes for the babies and kids.