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Revive the retro look of the 80s with fun and funky costumes. Surf through this article for unique Halloween costume ideas right from the eighties era.

80s Halloween Costumes

The era of the 1980s is back with a bang! A big hit with parties and gatherings! So, if you are planning a Halloween party for your old and new folks, the theme of the 1980s will be a great idea. With some really awesome and fabulous costumes to choose from, this retro theme will have your party rocking and rolling, true to the essence of the older times. The large number of hilarious and popular characters from pop culture, music, movies, and television offer endless possibilities. Remember the spiked colored wig, baggy sweatshirt, bright colors, off shoulder tops, gaudy jewelry, jelly bracelets, large sunglasses, guitar, and loads of flashy makeup! The 80s was a period of such unique and distinct features, etched in minds till date. Madonna, Boy George, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice, Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, Prince and the Revolution, Rick Springfield, Screech, Freddy Krueger, Ferris Bueller, and Metallica are some of the many crazy and memorable characters from that era. Check out some excellent Halloween costume ideas from the 80s to bring back the memories this season.

Halloween Costume Ideas From The 80s For Men
  • Bring back the thrill of the King of Pop in the Thriller by selecting the iconic jacket MJ wore. The red faux leather zip front jacket with overlaid snap flap, coupled with a jacket belt, black insets, and jacket details, will let you slip into the steps of MJ perfectly.
  • Besides pop, the 80s also witnessed the rap and hip hop. Revive that period with droopy black harem pants and metallic gold and black jacket. Add on a variety of 80s hip hop accessories, such as sunglasses and a lot of bling.
  • The Heavy Metal Heroes were known for their flare for fashion and clothing. Turn into one of the members from this retro group by putting on zebra print bell bottom pants and a shiny red metallic jacket. Scarves were highly popular at that time; put on one of your contrasting ones. The blonde or brunette wig will deem the 80s rocker look complete.
  • Leave aside the music and pop culture of the 80s and step into the genre of Steampunk. A Victorian style jacket and riding pants will take you back to the Victorian industrial era. To complete this gentleman look, a hat, goggles, pocket watch, and spats are must-haves.
For Women
  • Put on a 80s diva costume and re-visit the era of punk and funk! A short black dress with pink detailing, paired up with black net leggings, net glovelettes, chain belt, and long pink chain necklace, should be on your list while searching for such an outfit. Pick up more accessories from that era to complete the look.
  • Let the rock star in you flow out with an ideal outfit dating back to the 80s, an era that gave some of the best sounds and styles. Pick up a white and black tulle dress and complement it with black leggings, pearl necklace, black lace gloves, bow headband, and jet black sunglasses. Play with your hair and sport a sexy pair of black high heels for the perfect effect.
  • Known for her outrageous and sexy costumes, Madonna has many outfit options to choose from for that retro feel. To resemble Madonna, get long white lace gown, similar to a wedding gown, and put on a white belt with a buckle. Add on long fingerless white lace gloves, white high heeled shoes, white long dangling earnings in shapes of stars and crosses, long bead necklace, and white bead bracelet for enhanced effects. Do not forget to wear heavy and showy makeup, concentrating on the eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.
  • The 80s was the golden period of animal prints. Relive the same retro era by picking up a pair of leopard print stretch pants and complete your ensemble with a black top and a leopard print stole to cover your neck. Put on a gaudy 80s blonde wig, wear lots of black bangles, and slip into a pair of black high heels to complete the look.