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The stylish and classy era of the 1920s can be revived with flapper costumes. Read on to explore flapper Halloween costume ideas.

Flapper Halloween Costumes

The roaring 1920s were a period of gangsters ruling the streets and fringe making the topmost style statement. The women of that era were characterized by short skirts, bob hair, excessive makeup, with interests in listening to jazz, driving automobiles, taking sex casually, drinking and smoking, and leading a carefree life. With open-minded and liberal thoughts, such modern women came to be known as the flapper girl, a term used for referring a young bird flapping its wings while learning to fly. Nevertheless, with the onset of the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression, the flapper lifestyle came to an end in the 1930s, despite its extreme popularity. With Halloween parties being one of the most talked-about events in America, various different themes are decided, one being the flapper costumes. With the Halloween season approaching soon, flapper costumes, too, see a hike in their demand and purchases. Flapper costumes will have you catching the attention of the hot guys at the party and seduce them to perfection. Given here are ideas for flapper Halloween costumes for you to choose from. Read on.

Flapper Halloween Costume Ideas

Adult Costumes
  • The twenties era of flapper costumes was ruled by sequins and lots of sequins. The shimmering black and jade sequined costume is just one of the many outfits to choose from for a flapper themed party. This short dress has a fringe hem, to perfect the theme. Accessorize the costume with a sequin and feather headband, black feather boa, fishnet stockings, and sexy black high heels to deem the outfit complete.
  • Divulge your chic and stylish side with a sleek and shimmering gold flapper costume. The eight rows of fringe, alternating between black and gold, on the short dress look attractive and perfect to the flapper theme. The dazzling gold sequins used at the trim of the dress top enhance the look further. To create a stunning garb, add a black feathered boa and a black glittery headband with an attached gold jewel and black feathers.
  • Look ultra glamorous and glitzy at the flapper Halloween party in a flashy purple ensemble. The two layers of purple fringe and scattered square sequins in the front of the knee length costume give it a pretty and sexy look. Couple the costume with purple glovelets, embellished by the same square sequins with feathers at the opposite end of the gloves. For a more beautified and perfect appearance, purple sequin headband with an attached purple feather make a great addition.
Kids Costumes
  • A turquoise sequin and fringe flapper costume will have your child return back to the roaring twenties era. Covered with turquoise sparkling sequins and silver sequins around the trim of the arms, neck, and waist, this flapper outfit is an ideal one for kids. The turquoise fringe dangling skirt coupled with the top deems the ensemble complete. With a silver sequin and turquoise feathered headband, your child is sure to rule the party crowd.
  • Transform your child into the queen of the jazz scene at the Halloween party in a red fringe flapper outfit. The red sequins decorating the neckline of a red dress make an impressive appearance. The look is further enhanced by the long red fringe drapes falling from the neckline. The skirt, too, has four rows of shorter red fringe to give the bouncing effect as and when your child takes a step. The red sequined headband with a matching red feather completes the flapper look.
  • For even a more sexy and swanky feel, a pink flapper dress will do the job. The mesh based outfit with sequins all over will make your child the apple of the gathering. The metallic fabric bands running across the chest and hips are accentuated with bows. The fringe at the bottom of the skirt brings the dress into complete flapper mood. The costume is perfected with a knotted long bead necklace and sequin headband.
Sexy Costumes
  • Reveal your skin and sexiness in a black vintage flapper costume. You need a black mini dress, embellished with black sparkling sequins, highlighted by thin, black shoulder straps and a seductive, low cut neckline. The row of long, beaded fringe dangling from the bottom of the outfit adds more drama. Pair the dress with black sequin headband with a black feather attached, black thigh high stockings, and a flapper necklace to complete the sexy flapper appearance.
  • Rule the 1920s era in a dazzling and tapping silver flapper ensemble. The strapless white dress, with an accentuated neckline having a wide band of silver sequins in the front is the perfect outfit to choose. The white string details and silver sequins in the center add to the sparkling effect of the costume. The outfit is further beautified by a wide band of sequins at the waist, to fit just above the skirt. The dress is paired up with a short skirt, embellished with long, sequin covered fringe. Couple the entire ensemble with silver sequin choker and matching headband with a long white feather to be the life of the party.
  • The costumes of the roaring 1920s had so much to offer. Bring back that period in a sexy and flashy hot pink flapper costume, boasting of a layer of pink mesh and pink sequins, which sparkle with every move you make. The seductive ‘V’ neckline and black shoulder straps make the outfit look more flirtatious. The row of black fringe below the bust and three similar rows on the bottom of the dress add to the oomph and sexiness. With stretchy black elbow length gloves, black sequin and feather headband, and a pair of black fishnet stockings, you are ready to rule the night in this twenties flashy flapper ensemble.