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The Wizard of Oz movie offers a plethora of costumes to don at the Halloween party. Surf this write-up for Wizard of Oz costume ideas.

Wizard Of Oz Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time when you are free to dress up as you wish. Most people, young and old, prefer to look upon their favorite characters as idols for finding costumes and dressing up for Halloween parties. With so many characters to choose from, narrowing down to a single one often becomes a daunting task. But, since it is Halloween, a festival of witches, wizards, ghosts, spirits, and more, the famous movie "Wizard of Oz" can be viewed for unique and terrific ideas. One of the most loved movies of all times, "Wizard of Oz" has many characters that can be easily impersonated, such as Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch, Scarecrow, Flying Monkey, the Mayor of Munchkin Land, or even Toto. Inexpensive, uncomplicated, and stylish, these characters can be donned by adults, kids, and even babies. The following lines illustrate ideas on slipping into a popular character from this fantasy film.

Wizard Of Oz Halloween Costume Ideas


Emulating the character of Dorothy is relatively easy and interesting, as all you need to do is find an old-fashioned knee-length blue gingham dress with 2-inch shoulder straps. A blue and white checkered bib apron will also do if you don't have or can't find a gingham dress. A white short sleeved button down shirt with puffy sleeves is essential to get the perfect Dorothy look. Little details, such as a petticoat, hair in pig tails with blue ribbons, lace-trimmed anklets, and ruby slippers will be highly admirable. For the ruby slippers, you can get sparkly red pumps or high heels. In case you aren't able to find any of these, get a pair of shoes and spray paint them in red and sprinkle lots of with red glitter. Do not forget to carry Toto - a wicker basket with a gray stuffed dog!

Find a pair of brown sweatpants and dark blue sweatshirt, which are a size or too larger. You will also need a tall pointed hat with a large brim, white gloves, tan burlap, straw, brown slippers, rope, and raffia. Cut our round patches from old brown clothes and sew them onto the sweatpants at various places. Prepare a rounded collar and hood from the burlap. Glue some rope to the neck area. Affix some straw to the insides of the ends of the sweatshirt sleeves and legs and the hat with hot glue. Paste raffia around the hat base. Put on the costume and apply tan makeup to suit the color of the burlap. Paint your entire nose brown. Use rope to tie your waist, wrists, and ankles. Complete the scarecrow costume by placing the burlap collar over the sweatshirt.

Tin Man
Spray paint a grey colored sweat suit in silver chrome color. Take a dryer vent hosing and slip it around the arms and legs, for that added Tin Man touch. Take a silver painted poster board or cardboard, large enough to role into a cylinder and fit around your body. Affix the board to form the body. Cut out holes to create the arms and glue screw heads for a perfect and authentic character look. Put on a funnel to form the head, slip on spray-painted shoes, and slide on gloves to complete the costume.

Cowardly Lion
A brown sweat suit with a hood is important to create the mane. Buy pieces of brown fur, brown felt, or a type of looped or brushed trim used for edging drapes and curtains. Glue the fur around the hood of the jacket. For a full mane, layer the fur. Add some fur at the belly and other places where you find relevant. Get tan colored fabrics measuring 4 feet long and 6 inches wide. Fold the piece in half, with the reverse side facing outside, and sew along the edge and end. Turn the fabric right-side out and stuff it with batting. Stitch a piece of faux fur at the end of the tail. Apply tan makeup on your face, paint a black upside down triangle on your nose, draw whiskers with a black eyeliner pencil, and wear brown or furry slippers. Your cowardly lion look is ready to be revealed at the Wizard Of Oz Halloween party.

For gals who want it bad, wicked, and evil at the Wizard of Oz Halloween party, Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, is just for you. A long-sleeved full-length black dress will serves as the base of your costume. Alternatively, a black skirt and shirt can also be picked up for the primary outfit. Make a tall witch's hat using black poster board, or you can buy one from the costume store. Look out for an old straw broom or create one at home by simply tying a thick bundle of straw at the end of a wooden pole. Slip into the Elphaba costume and apply green makeup. Also paint your hand black. Your Wicked Witch of the West ensemble is complete and perfect!

The Good Witch of the North, Glinda, can be conveniently sported in a full-length pink formal dress, one that has a chiffon skirt and large puffy chiffon and tulle sleeves. A hoop skirt to go beyond underneath the dress will provide an additional effect to the outfit. Stitch silver applique stars on the skirt, bodice, and sleeves at random places. As an alternate, the stars can be painted with silver fabric paint or glitter glue. Get a tall conical crown, embellished with royal crest emblems, and spray paint it in metallic pink. Buy a long metal rod or spray paint a long wooden dowel in silver color. Cut out a five-pointed star from cardboard, and adorn it with silver metallic beads and clear plastic jewels using hot glue. Finally, affix it to the rod or wooden dowel. Put on the costume, wear a long red curly wig, place the crown, and carry the prepared rod or dowel. All set to rule the good world of witches at the soiree.