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Teens look for costumes that are not just hot, but also full of attitude and funk. Find different Halloween costume ideas for teenagers, herein.

Teen Halloween Costumes

They aren't kids anymore. Nor have they developed into adults yet. They are teens, a bridging gap between children and adults. As such, they are neither fascinated by the overgrown ideas of adults nor enthralled by the kiddish thoughts of young children. In short, they desire to be original, their self. The same fact applies truly with gatherings and parties. It isn't possible to fit them into a dress to look like an eight year-old kid or dress up in a sexy outfit to emulate a grown-up. So, when Halloween is around, teenagers always look out for stylish, fashionable hip, and timely costumes that will let them reveal their originality, their actual age. Parents often end up having difficulties in finding the perfect costumes that will receive a green signal instantly. But with some clever and simple ideas, you can gift your teen a creative and dramatic outfit to make him/her stand out in the crowd. With loads of accolades, of course! Check out from the following collection of costume ideas for teenagers for a successful and winning Halloween.

Teen Halloween Costume Ideas

Disco Dancers

The end of the 1970 decade was highly characterized by the disco fever. As a guy, put on a white three-piece suit with a black button-down shirt to emulate an iconic Halloween disco costume, similar to the style of John Travolta. As for girls, wrap-around knee-length dresses can best bring out the disco feel in them. Complete the look with platform heels and metallic belts. Do not forget to sport a feathered hairdo on your costumes!

Celebrities or Sitcom Characters
Get inspired by the best-known ladies in town. Peep into the big and small screen to pick your favorite character and costumes donned by her. Celebrities, such as Beyonce, Hannah Montana, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pippa Middleton, and Sarah Palin are great people to look upon for ideas. A long, form-fitting sleeveless white dress with a long, chocolate-brown wig and a bouquet of lowers can be sought after for following Pippa Middleton. As for Lady Gaga, sport bold colors, outrageous hats, sunglasses, long blonde wig, and loads of sequins or glitter. For political aficionados, a red business suit, a beehive hairstyle, a pair of reading glasses, and some "Palinisms" can be donned for a true Sarah Palin look.

Ever thought common phrases, such as "time flies", "the black plague", or "the red scare" can be elucidated through Halloween costumes? Paint your chest like a clock or wear a construction-paper clock, attach fairy wings, put on a black dress, and wear a sign reading "boo!". Similarly, other famous puns can be given a try for a humorous and comical representation. These include "black-mail", "smarty-pants", "eye-pod", "hell in a hand-basket", and "pig in a blanket".

Faded and tattered bell-bottom jeans with tie-dye T-shirts were the talk of the town in the beginning of the 1970s. These were sported largely by both male and female hippies. Bring back the same era this Halloween with a hippy costume. Prefer going barefoot as that was considered hipper, but if you are required to wear footwear, Birkenstock sandals are the best alternatives. Keep aside the makeup, as flowers and peace signs on the cheeks will do the job. Finish off your wacky and a la mode hippy costume by putting on leather or beaded headband and an acoustic guitar.

Mix and Match
Twist the old classic slightly towards the modern era and you'll have a spectrum of fun and witty costumes for Halloween. Imagine disco-dancing pharaoh or a pirate who's just arrived from space. A gourmet chef vampire with an apron and a pair of fangs, a classy Frankenstein with sleek shades and a colorful suit, a caveman hipster with a vest and black chucks, a wizard from the 1960s carrying a magic wand and a forehead band, and so on. Avoid being discourteous and distasteful to the characters. Bring out the wittiness and hilarity through your wacky ensemble.

The Horrors
Since Halloween is all about ghosts, witches, and spirits, horror-themed costumes are always a good choice among teenagers to sport at Halloween parties. Classic villain characters from horror and scary movies, such as Michael Myers from "Halloween", Freddie Krueger from "Nightmare on Elm Street", or the hockey mask wearing Jason from "Friday the 13th" can be emulated. In case these characters seem to be overdone with, undead characters, football players, or accident victims from horror films can be given a consideration. With some special effects of makeup, any character can be transformed into a frightening and fear-provoking personality.