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Read this article on Pirate Halloween Costumes and step into the swashbuckling, sword fighting, and rum gulping crazy world of the pirates.

Pirate Halloween Costumes

The fascination of being a pirate and setting sails in search of treasured gold doesn't seem to be getting over any soon. And the World Disney's famous, billion dollars earning franchise: Pirates of the Caribbean hasn't been of any help too. Rather, it has catapulted the craze of piracy to an all new high with the costumes becoming as popular as they have never been. Whether it's men, women, teens, or children; the pirate look is the hot look of the season and seems that it will be for many more seasons to come. So, come Halloween and you'll see a lot of people clad in pirate outfits, enacting sword fighting, treasure hunting, but drinking real rum right from the bottles. Purchase a pirate costume for Halloween if you too want to have a piece of piracy. The costumes are available in all sizes with a number of accessories too on the demand. Read the part that follows to get a few ideas on what all pirate costumes are available.

Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas

Blackbeard Costume

Ahoy! How about donning the notorious look of a famous pirate, Blackbeard, from the early 18th century? The costume includes a long pirate costume coat with button detail, fake beard and moustache set, shoulder strap, pirate belt with two buckles, and matching Black Beard pirate hat. Also, Ian McShane playing this character in the recent Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie left the fans wanting for more. So, what say you?

Ghost Pirate Costume
If a living pirate isn't just too halloweeny then the dead one will definitely do it for you and freak the bejesus out of people. This ghost pirate costume is made just for the purpose and includes a skeleton bone shirt front with vest, long ragged pirate captain jacket, matching scuffed pants with elastic waist, belt with skull details, skeleton bone arms and gloves, skull faced mask, and pirate hat. A pirate sword prop will pep up the whole look.

Peg Leg Pirate Costume
Aaarrrgh! Turn into an ominous looking pirate with one leg. The costume includes brown faux leather pirate hat, long pirate coat with gold button detail, white buttoned shirt, brown sash with skull & cross bone, striped costume pants with elastic waist, one regular boot cover, and one boot cover that gives out an illusion of a peg leg. Tok! Tok! Tok! What y'al lookin at eh?

Pirate Angelica Costume
Women too can join in the piracy with panache and sexiness with this Pirate Angelica Costume, designed in likeness of the one worn by Penelope Cruz in the famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The costume includes a pirate vest with paisley print, off-shoulder pirate costume shirt, matching corset, belt with ornate buckle, black leggings, pirate boot covers, and angelica pirate costume hat. Hold a pirate sword for added effect!

Female Zombie Pirate Costume
Rise from the dead and send the living ones to where you came from! This zombie pirate costume for females will add just the right dosage of creepiness to your look. It includes zombie in rags pirate costume dress, zombie pirate head wrap, arm sleeves, neck chain accessory, and matching boot cuffs. Hold a bone sword, use the zombie make up kit, and wear a zombie wig for extra effect.

Buccaneer Beauty Pirate Costume
The buccaneer beauty pirate costume is an exciting costume to wear on Halloween. It's neither too piratey nor too simplistic but is perfect balance, providing the wearer a charmingly attractive aura. The costume includes sexy pirate top with corset styling, puffy pirate sleeves, stripe point bottom pirate skirt, burgundy hip wrap, and a matching head tie. Knee length pirate boots, purchased separately, will complete the look.