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Kids love being dressed as their favorite characters on Halloween. Read this piece for unique Halloween costume ideas for kids.

Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the few festivals that let's everyone be themselves, without any restrictions and limitations. It is also that time of the year when everyone also gets a chance to show their creative side, be it through activities, delicacies, or costumes. Parties and gatherings are a common tradition on this pokiest day of the year, with everyone putting in their best efforts to make the soiree a big hit and the talk of the town. While hosts make sure that the guests are well attended to and treated well, the guests, on the other hand, do not want to be left behind and hence, look out for the best outfits to don on the D-day. Similar is the case with the younger generation. With the constant increase in the popularity of the festival, costumes, too, are becoming a popular children's genre or Halloween. With some simple ideas and tricks, finding magnificent and pretty costumes for kids is not a difficult task. Take a look at the following sections that present some unique ideas for kids Halloween costumes.

Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Fairytale Costumes

It goes without saying that the most popular and highly celebrated kids' costumes for Halloween are derived from Disney characters. Be it Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Belle, Snow White, Barbie, Little Red Riding Hood, Lilac Princess, or Little Mermaid, the prettiest and sweetest princess costumes lie hidden behind these heroines. As for boys, Peter Pan and Robin Hood make great alternatives to step into a fairytale character.

Witch & Wizard Costumes
Let the kids indulge in some real and fake mischief through attractive and witty witch and wizard costumes. Do not forget the pointed black hat without which both witches and wizards are incomplete. Dressed up in tattered black dresses and buckled boots, the kids can ride high into the Halloween season on the signature broom. For a different version of the typical black witch, a ballerina green witch, pink blossom witch, candy corn witch, fairy witch, funky green witch, and colorful witch costumes can be tried out.

Cheerleader & Sports Costumes
Kids enjoy being in the company of play and sports, irrespective of what game it is. Give them an opportunity to show their dynamic and energetic side with an assortment of sports and cheerleader costumes to choose from. Whether it is football, baseball, boxing, racing, basketball, or any other game, the colors are bound to make the kids stand out in the gathering. To don a cheerleader, you can select from Barbie cheerleader, Gothic cheerleader, high school musical cheerleader, Minnie Mouse cheerleader, and superstar spirit cheerleader. For sports, Boneyard racer, champion boxer, football player, half pint referee, hulk Hogan muscle man, race car driver, tow mater, turbo racer, and WWE wrestlers are some great ideas to look out for.

Food & Drink Costumes
For all those foodie kids who have a strong craving for sweets, candy striper costumes make a perfect choice. However, kids who are health conscious can try their hand at healthy and nutritious foods and meals for their Halloween costumes. Apples, bananas, carrots, green or purple grapes, pea pods, chili pepper, peanuts, and potatoes can be framed into wholesome Halloween costumes. Those who love gorging on junk and street food, they have several other alternatives open, such as ice cream sandwich, hot dog, pizza slices, soda pop, strawberry shortcakes, and tootsie roll. But if you wish your kids to stick to the traditional Halloween costumes, pumpkins and pumpkins pies are your take.

Animal & Insect Costumes
A chirping bird, clucking chicken, buzzing bee, grunting leopards, or a grinding bunny, you have a plethora of options for animal and insect costumes. For a classic kids costume, step into the batty bat or clawing cat costume. To flaunt your oomph and style, a pretty penguin costume is highly recommended. 101 Dalmatians, baby bugs, Tigger, white rabbits, ballerina butterfly, Bumblebee, bunny honey, cheetah, leopard, caterpillar, puppy, wolf, elephant, lion, kitty, and monkey are some of the many creatures to take into consideration while deciding upon kids' costumes for Halloween.

Ghoul & Skeleton Costumes
Halloween is a time for ghosts, skulls, and skeletons. These traditional symbols can be blended into Halloween costumes to give them a realistic effect. While ghoulish costumes will bring out the eeriness of the festival, zombie outfits, on the other hand, will infuse in extra fleshiness and creepiness into this theme. Become a bleeding scream ghost, a classic alien, or a bobble head green monster, the choice is completely yours. Bobble head pumpkin, buccaneer bones, zombie doctor, walking corpse, cryptic rocker, emperor of evil, Frankie Stein, friendly ghost, ghost face scarecrow, grave reaper, grave robber, and skelebones are other ghoul and skeleton costume ideas to select from.