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Browse this article on Gypsy Halloween costumes if you prefer something more on the orphic side. A mysterious Halloween evening awaits you!

Gypsy Halloween Costumes

Gypsies are traveling people with dark skin and hair, known to have been originated from the Indian subcontinent, who usually lived by seasonal work, trade, and fortune telling. Now, gypsies are mostly found in Europe, parts of North Africa, and North America. Their sense of mysteriousness has been the source of fascination for many out there. And that is the primary reason why, for girls and women out there, the gypsy look makes for one unique way to dress up on Halloween. When every other girl is going for the conventional stuff, the gypsy look not only maintains the traditionalism but also accentuates the glamorous and mystified side. Along with the unconventional costume, jewelry too, lots of it, is an integral part of dressing up like a gypsy. Also, to have a fun Halloween night, make sure to learn a little bit about palm reading and fortune telling through tarot cards by going over the internet. But before you do that, go through the section below to learn about the ideas about gypsy costumes for Halloween.

Gypsy Halloween Costume Ideas

Madame Destiny Gypsy Costume

There will be queues outside your abode, waiting to hear what destiny has in store for them. Just slip into this Madame Destiny Gypsy costume that includes a velvety pullover off-the-shoulder top with gold-trimmed lace-up bodice and lace sleeves, two-tone elastic waist ruffled skirt with lace hem detail, lace hip wrap with coin trim, matching bandana with coin trim and 6 tarot cards.

Esmeralda Gypsy Costume
With this costume, turn into one of the most famous fictional literary characters, Esmeralda; created by Victor Hugo. It includes the dress with a delicate white top, ruffled neckline, complementary bell cuffs, long red satin skirt, bohemian print ruche overskirt, brown waist-cincher with red lacings, and a bandana. Tarot cards can be purchased at extra cost. Hold a tambourine to get into the skin of the character.

Sexy Gypsy Costume
Don a fun and flirty gypsy costume and make men travel past seven seas. It includes a white ruffled off the shoulder long-sleeved peasant top with an attached gold laced blue and purple cropped bodice with satin ribbon trim, high slit long blue skirt with an attached purple waist sash trimmed in gold ribbon and coins, and a matching head scarf.

Mystic Gypsy Costume
Wearing this costume will create a mystic aura that will have men fixated on you and what you say. It includes a full-length purple dress in an off-the-shoulder design, slashed and gathered draped sleeves, a high-slit skirt, black waist sash with black fringe and gold coin trim, wide laced up waist cincher, purple head wrap, and 6 tarot cards. A pair of brown boot will further mystify the look.

Crystal Ball Gypsy Costume
With this crystal ball gypsy costume, gaze into the crystal ball and tell what men need to know. It costume includes a dress with an attached white peasant top, pink laced up bodice, ruffled skirt tiered in black and pink, attached purple and gold coin-trimmed waist sash, puff sleeves, and a matching head scarf. Buy a crystal ball made of light weight plastic for a complete look.

Bohemian Gypsy Costume
This bohemian gypsy costume will give you a slightly unconventional yet alluring Halloween makeover. It includes an off- shoulder dress with a layered top in sparkly red sheer and bohemian print, layered handkerchief skirt in teal with a sheer overlay, attached brown sash trimmed with gold spangles, and a matching turquoise headband. Wear a gypsy wig and knee high boots for an authentic look.

Sassy Ouija Gypsy Costume
With this sassy Ouija gypsy costume, you'll look as seductive as you'll look freaky; because you'll be communicating to the supernatural forces, or pretending to do so. The costume includes a lively mini dress with petticoat, bandana, and an Ouija necklace. A perfect costume that blends Halloween horror with sensational dressing!