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Infuse life into fairytale characters by donning them as Halloween costumes. Explore ideas on storybook Halloween costumes.

Storybook Halloween Costumes

The delights of childhood imagination can be recollected with the beloved stars of storybooks, often read out at bedtime by parents or enacted by teachers at school. Fearless rescue heroes, dancing insects, fairy princesses, giants, talking mice, and several others form the characters of the fantasyland. Relive the pages of your favorite storybook by picking up a storybook character costume. Create a whole Alice in Wonderland, meet your Prince Charming, or defeat a Wicked Witch, by selecting one of the many costumes offered from the fairytale sagas. Take a look at the various fantastical ideas presented on storybook Halloween costumes in the sections below. Choose a different Halloween adventure this season! Provide a happy ending to fairy stories that began with "Once upon a time..." with attractive and wonderful storybook Halloween ensembles.

Fairytale Halloween Costume Ideas

Costumes for Men
  • Wanna sweep off your princess off her feet? Put on a pair of blue pants, a white tailcoat jacket with gold trim detailing, and a red sash with an attached medallion for that perfect look of Prince Charming.
  • Run, jump, and knock out that comes across your way by stepping into the Super Mario costume. With simple outfits, like an overall blue costume with a red shirt and yellow buttons can be purchased from any costume store. A red hat with “M” logo, self stick Mario moustache, white gloves, and inflatable belly complete this funky character’s look.
  • Have a Smurfy good time at the Halloween party by donning a typical Smurf costume. Get hold of white pants, blue fabric shirt, white smurf hat, blue smurf mittens, and white shoe covers, your all set to have heads turning to catch a glance of the cute and adorable adult Smurf.
  • For a couple fairytale costumes, Hansel and Gretel can be ideally impersonated. To personify Hansel, you need a pair of Lederhosen pants, suspenders, and a Bavarian hat.
  • To become the life of the party with innumerable cute accolades, dressing up as the favorite purple dinosaur, Barney is a well-thought idea. You will have to purchase a purple dinosaur body with a green belly, attached mittens, and an attached tail to fit into the character wholly. Complete the look with dinosaur costume shoe covers and a Barney character head with its mouth open to peep out yours.
Costumes for Women
  • Alice in Wonderland is, undeniably, a classic storybook character to boast of as a Halloween costume. Step into a knee-length light blue collared dress made from princess satin, and attach it with a white cotton pinafore apron to deem the dress complete.
  • A beautiful and pretty Gretel ensemble is yet another great idea for a storybook Halloween costume. A contrasting crushed knee-length crushed dress, coupled with a matching bandana prepares you for the perfect fairytale costume party.
  • Get a little naughty and roguish with a charming Little Miss Muffet costume. Pick up a little sexy corset style dress in pink with silver trimming. Pair it with a pink hair bow and you’ll be surprised to see men drooling over to share some cozy moments with you.
  • Make a luxurious and surprising entry to your grandma’s or mom’s house with a stylish Red Riding Hood costume. For the most appealing effects, switch to a sexy outfit to have all the wolves be at your mercy. A velvety waistcoat dress with lace detailing on the front, perfected with silhouette boning, oversized polka dot back bow, ribbon trimmed cape, and eyelet trimmed wrist cuffs is what you need to sport this fairytale character.
  • Choose a Queen of hearts costume if you wish to go decent and royal. The elite and classy dress should consist of a floor-length tulle petticoat with a polyester lining and drawstring closure beneath to keep the skirt in place, a black and white torso accented with a large red heart, stand up collar, white lace cuffs lining the long black sleeves, gold ribbon work to accentuate the look, and a crown headband.
Costumes for Kids
  • Transform your little princess into the Egyptian era with a Cleopatra costume, ready to rule her kingdom and the Halloween party, as well. An Egyptian-style white dress, beautified by a blue and gold collar and belt, blue cape, and blue wrist cuffs will give her that adorable and gorgeous look.
  • Bring back the magic of fantasyland by dressing your little lad in a Peter Pan costume. Get a flannel green tunic with lace-up V-neck and combine it with a woven rope belt, a green hat with a red feather, and green tights.
  • Let your baby join the journey with her seven dwarves by sporting Snow White attire. You’ll have to look for a gold, blue, and red dress with an attached petticoat, similar to the one worn by Snow White in the story. Also, have her wear a detachable blue and red cape and a matching red bow headband.
  • The Princess Jasmine costume is perfect to give your child an adventurous ride on Halloween. A lavender pantsuit with glitter print overlay and character cameo, paired with a festooned purple headpiece is what you should look out for.
  • The world of woods is back! And so is Pinocchio! Dress up your boy in a jumpsuit with woven fabric accents, a pair of plush character puppet style gloves, and matching plush shoe covers. Enhance the look further with a red vest and green hat.
  • Turn your boy into the good goody Robin Hood for that supportive and thoughtful effect. Have your child put on a brushed flannel green shirt with attached white sleeves, complemented with matching pants, faux brown leather belt, and a Robin Hood hat.