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The historical epoch can be refreshed with classic and stylish Viking costumes. Go through this piece for Viking Halloween costume ideas.

Viking Halloween Costumes

Norse explorers, warriors, and pirates who raided Europe and colonized it in the 11th century were termed as Vikings. They were mainly based in the Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe and were renowned for traveling distances in their uniquely designed long boats. Based on their discoveries in places they traveled, they would settle or colonize the land, or trade or invade with inhabitants. It was due to their activities that they earned a fearsome reputation. However, with the beginning of the 18th century, they were romanticized and confined to stories and plays. As such, their style of dressing is stereotypical, with the cow-horned helmet being the most recognizable element in any Viking costume. Sporting Viking costumes is a great way to fancy and add drama to a Halloween party. Different Viking costumes are available at costume stores and online costume shops that guarantee to provide you a true barbaric look, who's stepped out of Norse mythology. Read through the following lines for some unique ideas on Viking costumes for Halloween parties.

Viking Halloween Costume Ideas

Viking Vixen

Beat the harsh barbaric winters with a warm and sexy Viking Vixen costume. To sport this look, you will need a typical brown dress with white marabou trim, light brown faux leather detailing, and short puff sleeves. A pair of dark brown boots, with matching trim and criss-cross golden stitching, and brown Viking helmet, with faux leather horns and white marabou trim, perfects the Viking princess ensemble.

Viking Elite Warrior
Transform into a Nordic warrior this Halloween with a Viking elite warrior costume. A black tunic with silver Celtic trim along the neckline, sleeves, and bottom, paired with grayish blue cape secured in place with gold rustic war medallions and connected with a chain, brown leather-like belt, and matching faux fur boot covers, makes an ideal Viking elite warrior ensemble. Complete the costume with a vinyl helmet, painted in gold and silver with horns attached to the side.

Viking Goddess
Nothing can beat the look of a fierce Norse goddess than Viking goddess attire. The perfect blend of grey, gold, and scarlet gown, with a sweetheart neckline and princess cut torso form an intricate Norse design of the ancient times. Add on a golden cape with faux fur collar, horned and bejeweled headpiece, and a necklace for a great ferocious Viking goddess.

Viking Explorer
Set out to explore and travel around the Norse world this Halloween with a Viking explorer costume! Sexy, elegant, stylish, and trendy, the costume will have heads turning and receiving compliments in turn. Pick up a brown, micro suede dress with a sweetheart top lined in gold foil. The brown vinyl which embellishes the shoulder straps and bust add to the voguish look. A short, dark brown cape, matching vinyl headband, pair of gold foil armbands, faux fur boots, and a toy dagger with a gold, molded handle and silver blade, will team up together to fit you into the character absolutely.

Nordic Warrior
Retreat back to the Nordic era and become one of the Nordic warriors with this classic Viking outfit. The costume comes as a jumpsuit with molded chest piece and attached armor pieces. The battle weapon and fierce gladiator mask and belt deem the attire complete and ideal to be chosen immediately.