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Looking to send some bone chilling vibes to the ones that are alive? These skeleton costumes will help you out this Halloween! Read this article to know more.

Skeleton Halloween Costumes

When there is no more ground left to bury, the dead shall walk the earth; seeking bony vengeance and devouring all who come in the way. For Halloween dressers, this theme is among the most favored because it sounds too scary to be true and a whole lot of fun to not be a part of it. This, along with the reason that there is a long standing tradition to masquerade in a supernatural way, makes people choose skeleton costumes Halloween after Halloween, without failing. Even the costume makers have taken advantage of this fact as now; there are many skeleton costumes that are available in the market in all shapes and sizes, for men and women to pick. The following section will provide you with ideas as to what all skeleton costumes are available along with brief descriptions. Choose the one that suits you and get ready to walk among the alive, with a vengeful attitude and a deathly roar.

Skeleton Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Skeleton Costume

Bring out your ghoulish side with this costume that features a black jumpsuit with a highly detailed set of modeled EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) bones, a black hood with an attached skull mask, and a pair of black gloves with attached EVA bones. The jumpsuit is a comfortable fit and will work best with black shoes and some sleepwalking like pretence from your side.

Skeleton in a Cage Costume
An innovative way to dress up this Halloween is with this skeleton in a cage costume that gives out an impression of a locked up monster waiting to be released from the prison. The costume includes a gruesomely realistic mask, bone printed sleeves and gloves, printed body with the attached back and sides of the cage and 3 front cage panels. The look will be loved and feared at the same time!

Skeleton Groom Costume
What is creepier than the average skeleton and definitely smarter than the smartest skeleton? A groomed up skeleton who is about to get married! This freakishly awesome costume includes the jacket with red edging and printed bone details, printed white vest, black top hat, and the matching collar with a red bow tie. Pair up with a skeleton bride and be the newlywed from the scary-town!

Grave Skeleton Costume
Play a nightmarish collector of the souls of undead ones and take them straight to the graves with this devilish costume that includes a black polyester robe enshrouded in cotton mesh tatters, attached mask with detailed skeleton face and mesh eye holes, and a pair of gloves that feature skeleton bone designs. Accessorize with chain link up rope and skull lantern to add a chilling effect.

For Women

Skeleton Bride Costume

Play the stunningly scary bride-to-be who never-got-to-be with this crazy costume that features a white crushed panne dress with stylized skeleton print, lace sleeves with puff shoulders, red belt and bows, and draped lace peplum, petticoat, and the black lace veil. Hold a bunch of black roses to add a lurching terror to the overall look. Pair up with your skeleton groom-to-be and paint the town red together.

Tank Dress Skeleton Costume
A gorgeous and sensuous skeleton will be a unique look! The costume features a black colored sleeveless tank dress with highly detailed white skeleton imprinted on the front and includes ribs, spine, and pelvis. Wear skeleton stocking with bones imprints and black colored glitter heels to further authenticate the look. To get into the skin of the skeleton (pun intended), make up of skeleton make up kit (purchased separately).

Girls Skela Rina Costume
Girls too can join in some bony and scary fun with this Skela Rina costume that includes a black polyester sleeveless dress with black and white mesh accents, screen printed ribcage with red heart in the front, and an attached hood. A pair of black leggings and gloves with screen printed bones is also included in the costume kit. Spook the crap out of little boys who won't listen!

Girls Sassy Skeleton Costume
It will keep people on their toes and will have compliments flowing in. It features a dress with black and white stripes that cover the torso and two black bows with purple ribbons attached to the top. A female skull logo that features a hair bow, flower eyes and a smile is imprinted on the chest. Also provided in the costume kit is a pair of gloves and tights with screen printed bones, and a top hat.